Gulf Shores is a good destination for a fun vacation v your family or a romantic getaway through your sweetheart. Walk you understand that right next to this popular location is a town v the same exceptional beaches, but fewer crowds? Yup! It’s true. Whereby is fort Morgan? that is simply minutes indigenous the love of Gulf Shores, and also is the ideal spot for families or group gatherings that desire to be close to the larger city yet still want peace and quiet. You can lounge on the beach v a cold beverage and watch the kids play.

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If you planning come fly right into the area, you’ll desire to come into the the next airport therefore the fun can get started ideal away! You’ll also want to secure a vacation residence that’s near all your many anticipated attractions while still providing you a little of privacy. Here is our complete guide for reaching the area and also picking from our Gulf Shores holidays rentals.


Flying into Gulf Shores

The closest airport come Gulf Shores is Jack Edwards Airport, located just 2.5 mile from the city. Because this airport is ~ above the smaller side, friend may need to make a connection in one more city to reach Jack Edwards. If you favor to come right into a enlarge airport, your finest option is the Pensacola global Airport, located around 38 mile from Gulf Shores.

Renting a Car

It’s straightforward to grab a rental auto from any adjacent airport to do the drive v Gulf Shores to our quiet beaches in ft Morgan. Jack Edwards airport offers auto rental services through Hertz, Enterprise, and also 4 roadway Auto. They additionally offer taxi and also limo transportation services through companies such as luxury Limo LLC and Blue Dolphin Cab. Pensacola global Airport has actually over 10 rental vehicle companies top top site, as well as taxis, limos, shuttles, and also more.


Why You need to Stay in ft Morgan

Now the you’ve reached the Gulf Shores area, you’re walk to require a ar to stay. Simply 30 minutes away is the picturesque fort Morgan, a laid-back ar with loads of appeal on its own. Anyone from history buffs come nature lover will discover something to carry out in ft Morgan, and you’re close sufficient to Gulf Shores and the neighboring cities to make an easy day trip.

Staying in ft Morgan is much cheaper and also much much less crowded than remaining in the city itself. Ours Gulf Shores rentals put you right near the action and provide a beautiful see while still offering you perfect dose the seclusion.

Driving native Gulf Shores to fort Morgan

It generally takes about 30 minute to drive from Gulf Shores to ft Morgan. By adhering to Gulf Shores Parkway and also Fort Morgan Road, you have actually a virtually straight route in in between the two cities, making that a breeze to with all her favorite places.


Choose your Rental

Staying in ft Morgan presents lots of alternatives for rental homes, so you have the right to ensure you’re acquiring the best for her family. If you’re trying to find a room with a view, our Gulf Shores beach house rentals and also Gulf view dwellings guarantee a picture-perfect vision of the water from any kind of room. You deserve to enjoy city hall the waves role in if drinking your morning coffee or relaxing after ~ a lengthy day the sightseeing.

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We are proud to sell rentals with luxurious amenities to make you feel right at home. Ours rentals with pools make it an easy to indulge in the water native your own private space. If you bringing your furry friend, we’ve gained pet-friendly getaway residences that will carry out plenty that room because that everyone and put you close to some the the ideal attractions.

Is Gulf Shores calling your name yet? remaining in fort Morgan offers you two vacations in one, whereby you can relax and also unwind in ours easy-going town and also still conveniently reach all the funny sights in Gulf Shores. With our plenty of rental options, you’ll have the ability to find the perfect haven because that your family members on her budget. Us can’t wait to assist you love the fort Morgan area just as much as us do!