Gather increase the family and also get prepared to make awesome coast memories this year. The closest coast to Johnson City TN is less than 6 hours away and it’s begging you come visit.

On the list below you’ll uncover everything you must pick the perfect ar for her dream vacation including alternatives throughout the south, even on the gulf.


Things come Do

With every the fun and excitement that a seaside Pigeon Forge, Myrtle beach has every little thing you require for an action-packed vacation. Here you’ll discover amusement parks, mini-golf, museums, water parks, indoor funny zones, a Ripley’s Aquarium, and also so lot more.

When you require a tiny downtime, you can head come the beach for part rest and also relaxation. That course, over there are tons of s attractions too consisting of deep-sea fishing and also dolphin tours. The fun simply doesn’t end.

Tasty Eats

Cafe Old Vienna is a unique German-Austrian restaurant supplying chicken cordon-blue, bratwurst, knackwurst, schnitzel, fish and chips, and so lot more.

5. Pawleys Island, south Carolina

Distance from Johnson City, TN: 5 hours, 54 minutes

Things to Do

Pawley’s Island is a quiet s town just outside of historical Georgetown. The island is perfect for tranquil strolls and viewing sunsets end the sea.

Golfing is among the most popular activities on the island, and there are number of courses to select from. Over there is likewise a variety of strange shops and historical landmarks peppered transparent the area.

In nearby Georgetown, you’ll find a wildlife refuge, museums, a lighthouse, and also tons of historical plantation homes. Numerous touring service providers offer guided excursions to aid you explore the city.

Tasty Eats

Open because that brunch, lunch, and also supper, Rustic Table has numerous southern treats like shrimp and grits, po’boys, BBQ ribs, fried chicken, burgers, key lime pie, and more.

6. Tybee Island, GA

Distance indigenous Johnson City, TN: 5 hours, 55 minutes

Things come Do

Tybee Island is a relaxing coast oasis to fill with background and nature adventures. Kayak follow me the shore or journey a bike under to the local shops and also restaurants.

If you are an pet lover, you’ll want to explore the north Beach Birding Trail, i beg your pardon is the finest place to spot local and also migrating seabirds.

Just beyond the birding trace is a gorgeous historic lighthouse and historical society.

For even an ext fun, you can head into adjacent Savanah, GA. This hip southerly city provides a variety of museums, restaurants, shops, and entertainment options.

Tasty Eats

The most renowned restaurant on the island, The (Orginal) Crab Shack, is locally famed for that low-country boils. It likewise offers a variety of new seafood and American favorites like burgers, BBQ pork, ribs, and also more.

Where come sleep

You won’t think the charm the this standalone beach cottage through stunning views.

7. S Isle Beach, NC

Distance indigenous Johnson City, TN: 6 hours, 8 minutes

Things come do

After the beach, one of ocean Isle’s most famous attractions is The Museum of coastal Carolina. This natural background museum functions a variety of live aquarium exhibits, touch tanks, diorama exhibits, and also more.

Just down the roadway from the museum, you’ll discover the Ingram Planetarium i m sorry boasts educational astronomy programs and laser light shows collection to music.

When it’s time because that a little cost-free fun, you deserve to visit the playground, picnic area, and also ball areas at s Isle beach Park.

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Tasty Eats

The well-known Ocean Isle Fish firm offers more than just seafood. The food selection at this waterfront tiki bar and restaurant has fresh-made sushi, fresh and also fried seafood, low country boils, burgers, and more.

8. Wrightsville Beach, NC

Distance native Johnson City, TN: 6 hours, 16 minutes

Things come do

This Wrightsville area is filled with delightful seaside shops and a riches of out adventure. In enhancement to the s beach, the calmer waters of financial institutions Channel are a good place because that paddleboarding and other water sports.

When you’ve had actually your to fill of the surf, head on end to the Stanback seaside Education Center. This small museum and learning hub offers a range of interaction exhibits and tasks for tourists of all ages. They additionally host plenty of educational presentations the incorporate touch tanks and also real animals.

Tasty Eats

Poe’s Tavern is the finest spot come grab very delicious American favorites v an upscale flair. The menu includes a wide variety of gourmet burgers, gourmet chicken sandwiches, cheese fries, and salads. As an included bonus, they also serve a variety of tacos and quesadillas. Yum!

9. Emerald Isle, NC

Distance indigenous Johnson City, TN: 6 hours, 44 minutes

Things come do

Ocean tasks take center stage at this picturesque southerly island. Kitesurfing, fishing, and also shelling space all renowned choices. The Point, a nice stretch the beach, is actually recognized as one of the top shelling spots on the eastern coast.

After collecting her shells, you can proceed the funny at Emerald Path. This 11-mile bicycle trail offers relaxing scenic views for the perfect afternoon ride. The course, there room plenty of bike rental places to pick from.

For more fast-paced fun, you won’t desire to miss the braided Pirate Water Park. This small but adorable attraction features several different water slides, a lazy river, a swimming pool, and also a kids’ zone. It has just the ideal amount of adventure for a day of low-key fun.

Tasty Eats

Snapperz is a locally owned gem v a varied menu consisting of seafood steam boat pots, quesadillas, sandwiches, burgers, a wide range of fresh seafood platters, and also more.

10. Virgina Beach, VA

Distance from Johnson City, TN: 6 hours, 56 minutes

Things to do

From arts museums and indoor skydiving come a stunning waterfront aquarium, Virginia beach has every little thing you have to keep your household busy, even on rainy days. This is why it’s among the most well-known beaches close to Johnson City TN.

When the weather is quite there room plenty of s adventures to explore, consisting of banana watercraft rides, snorkeling, fishing tours, fat tires bike rentals, and also much more.

Of course, the boardwalk is the hottest spot because that shopping and dining with scenic s views. There are also plenty that amusement rides, a playground, street entertainers, and also seasonal sand sculptures to enjoy.

Tasty Eats

Waterman’s Surfside Grille offers an eclectic menu consisting of deliciously new seafood, burgers, sandwiches, ribs, steaks, pasta, and crisp salads. Through so countless choices, this ar is certain to please also the pickiest of eaters!

11. Amelia Island, FL

Distance indigenous Johnson City, TN: 7 hours, 11 minutes

Things to do

Start through a scenic trolley tour of historic Amelia Island, wherein you’ll view several various districts on the island. The same firm also offers nighttime ghost tours.

At the beach you deserve to rent mini 2-person catamarans, take a fising or dolphin tour, or simply enjoy a relaxing walk to collection shells.

For the kiddos (and children at heart), over there is a an excellent pinball museum whereby you can play lots of vintage games. There are likewise mini-golf courses and also a pair of waterfront playgrounds.

Tasty Eats

The Salt Life Food Shack is a quirky seaside eatery with considerable menu. They sell a raw bar, bag bowls, street tacos, burgers, chicken tenders, handmade sushi, and so lot more.

12. External banks, north Carolina

Distance from Johnson City, TN: 7 hours, 30 minutes

Things to do

The Outer banks is consisted of of a wire of wonderful beaches, all through something distinct to offer. For family members that choose to store busy with tasks and shopping, you might want to try Kill adversary Hills, Kitty Hawk, or Nags Head. If friend prefer an ext seclusion, you might prefer southern Shores.

Of course, nature lovers flock come Carolloa Beach v it’s famous and gorgeous population of wild horses.

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Tasty Eats

The black color Pellican Oceanfront Restaurant is a picturesque ar to gain fresh seafood platters, ribs, chicken, steaks, and also more.

Gulf Beaches near Johnson City Tennessee

As if the views aren’t enough these stunning beaches offer heat waters and also calm seas the the Atlantic beaches can’t come nearby to. A visit to one of the Gulf beaches below is choose visiting a tropical paradise.

13. Panama City Beach, FL

Distance from Johnson City, TN: 9 hours, 12 minutes

Things to do

Panama City is the closest Gulf coast to Johnson City TN. This action-packed beauty, beauty boasts a wealth of fun activities in addition to the sand and also surf.

Start by obtaining wet and also wild at Shipwreck Island Waterpark. V a committed kids’ area, a rapids ride, water slides, and a lazy river, it’s funny for all ages!

The fun doesn’t protect against there. You can additionally feed a selection of animals at the neighborhood zoo, swim through the dolphins at the aquarium, or journey a roller coaster with a sweeping s view. Yay!

Tasty Eats

Get yummy southerly favorites like po’boys, gator bites, and all the fried (and grilled) seafood you have the right to imagine in ~ Pineapple Willy’s. For seafood haters, this seaside restaurant additionally has numerous delicious chicken dishes.

14. Pensacola, FL

Distance from Johnson City, TN: 9 hours, 17 minutes

Things to do

Take in the sweeping ocean views while you tourism stunning ft Pickens, which to be used generally during the civil war. In enhancement to touring the fort, over there is likewise a quite museum on-site v a variety of manual exhibits.

Pensacola also offers loads of activities your kids will go gaga over, consisting of a children’s museum, arcades, amusement parks, waterfront playgrounds, and also much more!

Tasty Eats

Peg leg Pete’s has actually a rustic flair and a big menu to accomplish everyone in her party. The offerings in ~ this famous waterfront restaurant include tons of delicious seafood, salads, gumbo, chicken, sandwiches, burgers, and a nice an option of signature island drinks.

15. Dauphin Island, AL

Distance native Johnson City, TN: 9 hours, 24 minutes

Things come do

One that the most well-known Dauphin Island attractions is the Estuarium Sea lab. In ~ this research and also learning center, you can see a range of sea creatures increase close. Over there are likewise hands-on education programs because that kids and adults.

Equally well-known is the fort Gains historic Site. This gorgeous 19th-century ft hosts a range of living background demonstrations throughout the year.

The education theme proceeds with the fabulous Audubon Bird Sanctuary, which focuses on moving birds. You deserve to spot a wide variety of different types as friend meander v the winding seaside trails.

Tasty Eats

The most renowned restaurant top top the island is Pirate’s Bar and also Grille. This casual restaurant through sweeping just views uses a large selection that American cuisine and seafood.

16. Orange Beach, AL

Distance indigenous Johnson City, TN: 9 hours, 24 minutes

Things come do

Shop, dine, and play your way to an awesome vacation at The Warf. This lively entertainment district in Orange Beach uses a selection of rides, attractions, and entertainment options.

The area likewise boasts a exorbitant biking and hiking trail mechanism that contects to other nearby beaches for twin the fun!

Tasty Eats

Luna’s Eat and also Drink, named for man’s finest friend, uses a little bit of every little thing to please even the pickiest eaters. Food selection items incorporate entre salads, po’boys, fried fish sandwiches, shrimp and also grits, fried chicken, burgers, and also more.