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Snow Skiing native Florida is simply a brief day trip!
You could spend an entire day walking about Florida, talking to people and also asking if any kind of of them to be born here and also never find a solitary Florida native above the age of 30. Nearly everybody who stays in Florida is from what else, it seems.A large percentage the Florida transplants are from up north and, although many will tell friend they top to the Sunshine State to escape the brutal winters, a great number of those human being will tell you that among the points they miss out on most about living up north is eye skiing.Sure, you have the right to jump top top an aircraft and head West to Aspen, Colorado or paris North and also get come Stowe, Vermont however sometimes the hassle and also expense of waiting travel simply isn"t precious it. If friend don"t psychic a relatively long day of driving, you can reach a number of excellent ski will in as little as 7 or eight hours – all depending what component of Florida you space traveling from.What might be more surprising is that all of these southerly ski resorts have actually an average season of about 130 days and some open for skiing as beforehand as so late October. That"s an ext than 4 months available to gain your ski fix!Here are the 5 closest ski resorts to Florida, i ordered it in stimulate of drive time:

Wolf Ridge Ski will

Travel Time:Jacksonville: 7 hours, 10 minutesTallahassee: 8 hours, 17 minutesOrlando: 9 hours, 12 minutesMiami: 12 hours, 11 minutesElevation: 4,700 ft.Vertical Drop: 700 ft.Longest Run: 1,800 ft.Number the Runs: 22Snowmaking Machine: YesLighted Slopes: Yes

Cataloochee Ski Area

Travel Time:
Jacksonville: 7 hours, 16 minutesTallahassee: 7 hours, 36 minutesOrlando: 9 hours, 17 minutesMiami: 12 hours, 29 minutesElevation: 5,400 ft.Vertical Drop: 740 ft.Longest Run: 3,500 ft.Number of Runs: 17Snowmaking Machine: YesLighted Slopes: Yes

Appalachian Ski Mountain

Travel Time:
Jacksonville: 7 hours, 18 minutesTallahassee: 9 hours, 8 minutesOrlando: 9 hours, 20 minutesMiami: 12 hours, 19 minutesElevation: 4,000 ft.Vertical Drop: 365 ft.Longest Run: 2,640 ft.Number the Runs: 12Snowmaking Machine: YesLighted Slopes: Yes

Sugar Mountain

Travel Time:
Jacksonville: 7 hours, 51 minutesTallahassee: 9 hours, 10 minutesOrlando: 9 hours, 52 minutesMiami: 12 hours, 52 minutesElevation: 5,300 ft.Vertical Drop: 1,200 ft.Longest Run: 7,920 ft.Number that Runs: 20Snowmaking Machine: YesLighted Slopes: Yes

Beech Mountain

Travel Time:
Jacksonville: 7 hours, 55 minutesTallahassee: 9 hours, 28 minutesOrlando: 9 hours, 56 minutesMiami: 12 hours, 55 minutesElevation: 4,675 ft.Vertical Drop: 830 ft.Longest Run: 5,280 ft.

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Number of Runs: 15Snowmaking Machine: YesLighted Slopes: Yes

Want more Skiing?

Those are simply the closestly ski destinations come Florida and they space all located in north Carolina. If you"re ready to continue to be in the vehicle for an additional hour or so, Alabama, West Virginia, Tennessee and Virginia market ten more ski resorts for you to select from. That"s 15 various ski will – all within a day"s drive!While nobody will ever say that any of this runs enhance some the the ones that you"ll find in the Northeast or Western united States, they"ll definitely administer a fun, an overwhelming day because that the great majority the skiers and will provide you a possibility to experience the fun side of snow – no the unpleasant sort you need to shovel!Florida take trip Sleuth Quote of the Day: "Skiing combine outdoor fun with knocking under trees with your face." - Dave Barry

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