Failure come Register v the Selective company Can Hurt your U.S. Citizenship Application

What is Selective Service?

The Selective company System is provided by the U.S. Federal federal government to save a name of all eligible men in the United states who can be called upon to offer in the armed forces throughout a national emergency or time the war. Registering with the Selective services does NOT average that you are signing increase to sign up with the armed forces as a project or job path.

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Who is required to Register?

Almost every men between the periods of 18 and 25 should register. This includes:

US citizensUS citizens life abroadLawful irreversible ResidentsSeasonal farming workers (H-2A visa holders)Refugees, parolees, and also asyleesNonimmigrant visa holders who failed to maintain legal condition for an ext than 30 daysUndocumented (illegal) aliens. Yes, also if you are in the United says without the proper documentation, girlfriend are required to register through the Selective business if you are a male between the periods of 18 and 25 year old.Deferred action for Childhood come (DACA) Recipients

Who is Not forced to Register?

There are very few exceptions indigenous the Selective company registration requirement. The complying with are the primary exceptions:

WomenLawful non-immigrants top top valid, unexpired non-immigrant visasAliens who gone into the us after period 26Those hospitalized, cursed to mental institutions, or incarcerated; however, they should register in ~ 30 job after being released if they have not yet reached their 26th birthday

Will registering with the Selective company cause me to be deported if ns am here illegally?

No, the info you administer to the Selective business does not include your immigration status, and the Selective Service company does not refer your information to immigration enforcement.

I didn’t register through Selective Service, and also now I’m applying for us citizenship. Will certainly this hurt my application?

It depends. There are three common scenarios:

If girlfriend are using for citizenship while friend are in between the ages of 18 and also 26 year old, your failure to register provides you ineligible for united state citizenship. In this case, we recommend the you register v Selective business as soon as possible.If friend are using for citizenship while you are between the periods of 26 and also 31 year old, your failure to register might make girlfriend ineligible. You will need to convince the officer reviewing her citizenship application that you did no knowingly and intentionally fail to register.If friend are applying for citizenship if you space over 31 years old, your failure to register should not impact your eligibility for citizenship. This is because an ext than 5 years have actually passed because you were required to register. Girlfriend do, however, have to request and receive notice from the Selective Service regarding your registration status to carry out to the immigration officer.

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How do I register for the Selective Service?

You can pick up a registration packet at her local post office, or you have the right to register online at