To calculate the price every square customs of Pizza, you will needto understand the area if the pizza in square inches, and also the price ofthe pizza.

For example, let"s speak you have actually a 12 inch pizza that price 5dollars. Pizzas are generally measured in diameter, so the diameterof the pizza is 12 inches, and the radius is fifty percent of that, or 6inches.

The formula because that the area that a circle is (1/2)(pi)(radius)2,which, in this case, is (1/2)(pi)(6 in)2, or about 56.5 in2.

We now recognize the area and also the price. The formula for price persquare inch is what is sound like: (price)/(area in in2). In thiscase, the is (5)/(56.5), or around .089 dollars.

So this pizza costs about 9 cents per square inch.

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