A layer in Photoshop, together the name suggests is a paper that you can stack one on height of the other. A brand-new image has actually only one layer. Yet when girlfriend add more layers on optimal of this initial image, you deserve to add an ext data or just use castle for color or ton adjustments. Thus, by using layers you have the right to alter photo to your liking, without modifying the initial pixels.

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Smart objects on the other hand are a special kind of class that consists of image data. They room designed come contain every original qualities of the class and likewise give you the freedom to carry out a thorough non-destructive editing and enhancing of the layer.

Solution to deal with the error ‘Could not complete your request since the smart object is not directly editable’

But editing a clever Object is not really straightforward and also some users have actually complained around the adhering to error once trying to edit a clever Object.

‘Could not complete your request because the smart object is not straight editable’.

Solution 1: convert Smart object to a common layer

The error ‘Smart object is not directly editable’ occurs mainly because a clever object includes data in a non-destructive container file. And because that this, you space not permitted to edit this clever object record directly.

A workaround come this trouble is to convert the clever Object come a regular layer. To execute that, an initial select the clever Object you desire to edit from the great panel and follow among these methods.

In the Layers panel, dual click ~ above the Smart Objects iconThe 2nd option is to transform the clever Object come a raster layer. To do so, go to Layer > Simplify LayerGo to Layer > Smart Objects > Edit ContentsGo to Properties and choose Edit Contents

By following one of the over methods, friend can convert the clever Object come a common layer, which you should be able to edit easily.

Solution 2: Unlock the image layer

In most cases, convert the clever Object come a typical layer (as explained in solution 1) need to resolve the error ‘Smart thing is not straight editable’. However, if that doesn’t help, it could be since the picture is locked.

To unlock the image, please follow the instructions below.

Open the Smart Object you desire to editGo come Layers and click on the Lock icon


Once the image is unlocked, you should have the ability to edit the materials without any kind of errors.


Adding great will help you transform the photo without editing original pixels. This help avoid damage to the original image in most cases. However, there space some instances that cause your PSD record to obtain damaged or corrupt such as Photoshop hanging as soon as working on photo or Photoshop malfunction, etc.

In such cases, Remo Repair will repair corruption PSD documents on your Mac or Windows. It repair your image using a read-only mechanism, so all layers the the image record are recovered without any kind of changes. If you have actually a corruption PSD image that demands to be repaired, examine out Remo repair PSD and also give that a try.

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