How to relax Fuel mechanism Pressure 98-12 Ford Crown Victoria

How to relax fuel press in the fuel line of a Ford Crown Victoria 4.6L Engine and also how to prime the fuel system.

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eliminate the journey side stems panel and also locate the inertia switch pop up the red tab through a level blade screwdriver start the vehicle and let that run till it stalls
push down the inertia switch turn the key to the run position, permitting the fuel pump to rotate on and also off once off, turn the vehicle off Repeat the process two times start the automobile

Hi, I"m Mike from We"ve been offering auto components for end 30 years! We"re dedicated to delivering top quality auto parts, experienced customer service, and also fast and totally free shipping, every backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. So visit us at, her trusted resource for high quality auto parts. In this video clip we"re going to it is in working through our 2004 Ford Crown Victoria 4.6-liter V8. We"re walk to present you just how to remove the press from her vehicle"s fuel device so you have the right to work ~ above fuel related contents safely. We"re walking to display you the easy method to carry out it with the vehicle"s inertia switch, i beg your pardon is located in the trunk, as opposed to going with the fuse panel and having to eliminate your fuel pump relay. If you prefer this video, you re welcome click subscribe. We have a ton more information top top this and many other vehicles. If you ever need parts for her car, you have the right to follow the link down in the summary over to relieve the fuel mechanism pressure in a Ford Crown Vic, and a variety of various other Ford vehicles, you might remove the fuel pump relay. However, if you don"t understand where that is, or are having a difficult time finding it, behind this panel on the driver side of her trunk is your inertia switch. This is designed come shut off your fuel pump if the automobile is in a collision or the rear gets hit. Simply pop that tab up v a little flat tongue screwdriver through that access hole and also it"ll reduced off our fuel pump. Start the vehicle and also let the run till it stalls. When the car stalls, the press in the fuel system has actually been relieved and we deserve to now work on that safely without spraying gas everywhere. Press down fully on her inertia move to re-engage it. To prime your fuel system, rotate the an essential to the run position without beginning the vehicle and permit the fuel pump to revolve on and also off. Once it turns off, closeup of the door your an essential off. Repeat the bicycle two an ext times and also then begin the vehicle. Thanks for watching. Visit us at for top quality auto parts, rapid and free shipping, and also the best customer service in the industry.

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