When a couple is disturbed by the according to noise the a hardwood chipper at 8 o"clock in the morning, the man in the partnership takes a video clip camera under to the street to record his complaints around the noise. However, as soon as blood come shooting out of the chipper, the man becomes the witness of a murder. He speak the CSI"s that the gardener to be the human who fell into the machine, but when the gardener walks into the crime scene just seconds later, the team realizes that they are handling an unknown individual. Meanwhile, Horatio deals with off versus an old enemy whom he thought was dead, Ron Saris, and also apparently, he has put Julia"s life in jeopardy.

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David Caruso...Lt. Horatio Caine
Emily Procter...Calleigh Duquesne
Adam Rodriguez...Eric Delko
Jonathan Togo...Ryan Wolfe
Rex Linn...Det. Open minded Tripp
Eva La Rue...Natalia Boa Vista
(Picture: Scott Alan/Photorazzi)" })">
Megalyn Echikunwoke...Dr. Tara Price
Elizabeth Berkley...Julia Winston
Brooke Burns...Bonnie Galinetti/Marci Reeger
Kevin Rahm...Dr. Sean Loftin
Amelia Heinle...Elizabeth Corbett
David Lee Smith...IAB Sgt. Rick Stetler
Evan Ellingson...Kyle Harmon
James Patrick Stuart...Steven Corbett
Steve Byers...Tyler Marr
Brian Davidson
Allison Liddi-Brown
Kate French...Rita
Wes Ramsey...Dave Benton
Christopher Redman...Michael Travers
Jake Thomas...Lucas Galinetti
Paulina Olszynski...Lauren Reeger
Kim Coates...Ron Saris
Bernardo Badillo...George
Paul Keeley...

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Dr. Ethan Reeger
Marinda Kaha Hanselmann...Marika Dupont