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jimeneztrans84 Established  (108 Likes)   Posts: 421Joined: jan 2016
i was doing my write-up trip when I checked out a puddle of engine oil behind the engine top top the transmission bellhousing passenger next ... Anyone recognize where this could be coming from? 2011 cm 2250
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Waterloo HMR-Contrinbuting V.I.P.  (3879 Likes)   Posts: 4,461Joined: Oct 2014
Well, over there is a gasket, o-ring kind seal ago there, i can"t tell from the picture though. That bell housing has an oil feed line developed into it internally from the engine to the oil pan v the block. If the gasket/seal fails, which typically happens after a clutch replacement and also not doing instead of this seal in ~ the same time... $2400 there around to fix... You need to pull the transmission, and you may too do the behind main and also roll some brand-new bearings in at the very same time and throw a clutch in, every little thing has to come apart... Simply what I know from my friend that had actually this same leak after having a new clutch installed. And this is no something you have the right to replace yourself... The is a actual bitch, together the bell housing has to be inched in making use of a micrometer... No lie.IF the IS WHAT it IS.
Well, I might be wrong, ns am not a mechanic, just a depression going broke Cummins owner with little in the method of "rays that sunshine"... So, I would certainly say yes. Ns wish I had actually something far better to phone call you. Check your oil daily, you should be able to make it... If you space putting an ext than a gallon in a day, time to deal with it. One thing though, that I execute NOT KNOW, is if it will contaminate your clutch and also leave friend in even worse shape. The oil pools in the tranny/bell real estate from what tiny I know. So hope someone much more knowledgeable than me will certainly chime in.
Yeah, the looks prefer a rear structure leak. I"ve done 2 of castle on series 60"s, yet I constantly waited until they required clutches it"s just much more cost/downtime effective.I"ve never ever done one on one ISX yet, mine is weeping however my clutch is still great so i won"t be doing it for a while. I never had to mic one in, I"ll have to look it increase on Quickserve as that"s new on me. I know you"ve got to store them square and make certain you monitor toque sample & spec properly.If you attempt this yourself, girlfriend will need something come lift/hold the motor together the rear motor mounts room attached come it. It"s a big job, but certainly something friend wanna it is in confident around your abilities to do.FYI, don"t waste your time or money cheaping out on a clutch. Refinish her flywheel and get a great clutch, preferrably bigger than you need. The labor is way more 보다 the part, I placed a 2250rated clutch behind my 1850 talk motor...
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many thanks guys!! good to know... Before there wasn"t a pond it was just dirty or probably the leak obtained worse. Possibly there"s a large puddle due to the fact that yesterday mine buddy to be checking fuel pressure and was reving the crap out of the motor.... I"ll just proceed to store an eye top top oil level.