Counting Cars’Danny Koker is no stranger to truth TV enthusiasts, specifically those in vehicle restoration. He was as soon as an occasional confront ofPawn Starsbefore history Channel approached him around a service deal that his own. Due to the fact that then,Counting Carshas become a beloved show.

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It is claimed that Danny at first thought the the an initial season the the show would be a good opportunity to encourage his auto restoration shop, Count’s Customs. Small did he recognize that signing his surname on the deal would make him very rich and also famous.

Fans love Danny for several reasons. Part admire the shop owner and car enthusiast because that his tough work and resilience. He’s done pretty well for a guy that had actually to teach himself whatever he knows.


He’s likewise quite dedicated, vision-oriented, and also stable. Besides running Count’s Customs, the star likewise has other ventures in his life, consisting of a bar and also grill, a tattoo parlor, and a record station.

Koker is additionally the leader of his rock band,Customs 77. Fairly an exceptional collection of achievements here!

If you recognize Danny Koker, girlfriend are aware that he never takes off his iconic bandana. The thing almost covers his whole face and head.

Over the years, Danny has been the subject of speculation around the totality bandana topic. So, why does he wear it? below are possible answers.

To Hide His Tattoos

As a absent musician and an owner of a tattoo business, Danny Koker loves tattoos. He has a number of them top top his arms and other locations of his body.


Some fans think that the truth TV star has some unsightly tats ~ above his forehead and also uses the bandana to conceal them.

Those who think this fact insurance claim that Danny has attracted tattoos of vul on his forehead. This rumor can plainly be debunked by looking at a picture on this page to watch Danny there is no his lover accessory.

Staying True To rock N Roll

Here’s one more myth as far as Danny’s bandana-wearing habit is concerned. See, the vehicle restoration freak isn’t keen on providing answers to together questions; he’d much rather save things skilled than offer details on his looks.


That pipeline a the majority of room because that speculation. Together a rock and also roll singer, there’s a high possibility that Danny rocks the bandana come look the part.

After all, the still tourism the civilization with his rock n’ roll band,Customs 77. The bandana completes the look and also gives the singer one edge.

To Conceal The Receding Hairline

This is more than likely the prize that renders the most sense. OneReddit useroffered his allude of watch on why the leader the Count’s customizeds never shows up on TV without the bandana.

According to the user, the star is just doing the to hide his fully face.

‘As a side note, Danny needs to ditch that horrible black bandana and adopt his receding hairline. We are not ignorant. Simply flaunt your whole head and also accept the you space bald.” stated the user.

Danny’s real reason for wearing the bandana is no confirmed.

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It could be one amongst the suggestions over or other different. Whatever the case, Danny is a good inspiration to many. And also that’s what problem at the finish of the day.