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I came across a N R Davis dual barrel shotgun and wondering what that is worth.It has actually AJAX on the receiver. 30"barrels,no external hammers,has double triggers,top lever opening,not damascus barrels.Has blue wear,no rust,no crack in wood, mean cond because that an older gun,nothing fancy. Any type of idea the $$ worth ?

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From the Blue BookIn 1888, George W. Cilley bought out the defunct Bacon eight Co. Of Norwich, CT. That then formed an alliance v Frank Foster, and also borrowed enough money to form the Crescent Fire arms Company. Cilley and Foster each hosted several guns patents, and both were very qualified in weapons design and manufacture. Production started with single shot tip-up shotguns that had an outside side hammer. Double barrel shotgun production was started in 1891. In 1893, they began making bike chains, and that very same year, H&D Folsom took over the company"s gaue won control. At an early stage in the 1890s, Crescent constructed a rifle that resembled the Remington No. 4. A an extremely rare Crescent to be the .410 boring shotgun pistol, which was introduced in the 1920s. In 1929, N.R. Davis weapons Co., then owned through Warner arms Corp., merged with Cresent to end up being Crescent-Davis eight Corp. Because of gaue won crisis, organization continued come decline, and they were forced to offer out. Savage eight Co. Acquired Cresent-Davis in 1931, assembled weapons from the continuing to be parts, and these weapons were offered under the Crescent name only. In 1932, the city of Norwich, CT, took end the Crescent property for non-payment of ago taxes. After ~ the Norwich facility to be closed, to produce was relocated to Chicopee Falls.It is unknown whether or not Crescent did any type of high great or practice work. However, a really well engraved SxS, with the Crescent logo, is recognized to exist in a exclusive collection.Crescent Fire Arms company remains ideal known as a manufacturer of "house brand" shotguns (i.e., Crescent personal labeled guns for retailers, distributors, mail-order houses, etc.). Over 100 different trademarks have actually been observed to date, manufactured by Crescent. Virtually all the staying specimens today space priced as shooters and also have no collector value. SxS version - values listed below assume typical models with dual triggers, extractors, initial finish, and also 100% working order. Many shotguns function sidelock actions. Shotguns v exposed hammers have the right to equal your hammerless counterparts if problem is 80% or better.Grading 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60% 12 ga. $295 $265 $230 $210 $185 $165 $150 16 ga. $295 $265 $210 $185 $165 $145 $125 20 ga. $335 $290 $250 $225 $195 $175 $160 28 ga. $425 $375 $325 $280 $250 $200 $150