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DEHUMANIZE YOURSELF and FACE come BLOODSHED is a memorable quote native the 1985 dystopian activity RPG, The Screamer (ザ・スクリーマー), not to be confused with the 1995 racing video game of the exact same name. The phrase flourished to end up being a popular expression online in video clip game communities. The phrase is commonly paired v robocop.mp3.


On may 25th, 1985, Japanese video game developer miracle Zoo exit the video game The Screamer for the Japanese residence computer, the PC88,<1> later ported come the PC98 together well. In ~ the beginning of the game, a chyron set the activity of the game with the adhering to Engrish text:

You was standing on the city the disaster, the Beast City, wherein the biological Intelligence in synthetic System, what we speak to "BIAS" locates. No one knows around what has actually been going on "BIAS." You can hear nothing however deep breath of "BIAS." The only method to endure is… DEHUMANIZE YOURSELF and FACE come BLOODSHED.

On august 6th, 2007, YouTuber grace5592 released a video of the game"s opening. The post received an ext than 26,000 views in much less than 13 year (shown below).


In 2011, YouTuber CBoyardee released a video entitled "Dilbert 3," an animated parody that the comic piece Dilbert. In the video, Dilbert and also Wally do a mass shooting at their workplace before finally committing suicide, in ~ which allude the phrase "DEHUMANIZE YOURSELF and also FACE to BLOODSHED" appears numerous times, filling up the display (mirror below).

Dilbert 3"s lift music, dubbed "robocop.mp3," is a synth-heavy plan by CBoyardee that the theme tune from s Software"s video game RoboCop. The initial theme was written by Jonathan Dunn, and also appeared in plenty of different publication of the game, including game Boy, Commodore 64, the Amstrad CPC, and also more.

On July 17th, 2011, YouTuber Kombat Unit uploaded "robocop.mp3" to YouTube making use of the expression from The Screamer in the description. The short article received an ext than 216,000 see in less than 10 year (screenshot below, left).

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Months later, ~ above September 26th, YouTuber yodooder shared a video entitled "dehumanize yourself and also face come bloodshed," which features gameplay from Grand Theft Auto collection to the RoboCop game Boy theme. The write-up received an ext than 5,000 see in less than 10 years (shown below, right).