Why didn't Voldemort suspect Snape together a twin agent during Philosopher's Stone? (5 answers)
We all recognize Snape to be a double agent (Death Eater and also working through Dumbledore), but in the Sorcerer"s Stone, he had actually no idea the Voldemort had actually latched self onto Quirrell. This is confirmed in the that Snape is suspicious around some the the actions that he linked to Quirrell, and likewise confronts that about. But in the scenes that we check out them talk privately, they never talk around Death Eater stuff.

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I have not review the books and maybe there are talks of the in there, somewhere. But I think that would destroy the totality "Snape is in reality a great guy" plot line, so is the the just reason Voldemort did not reveal himself come Snape?

Snape was likewise one of Voldemort"s "trusted" followers, since he permit him obtain the teaching job at hogwarts to spy ~ above Voldemort (according to mine sources).

It just did no make feeling to me ~ looking a small into the harry Potter collection and re-watching the movies and also this to be the very first thing that struck me together odd.

Why didn"t Quirrell phone call Snape around Voldemort?

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The scene in The Half-Blood Prince in which Bellatrix and also Narcissa rotate up in ~ Snape"s house and also he "reveals self to it is in a fatality Eater" and also makes the Unbreakable Vow is greatly expanded in the books.

In it, Snape offers us the explanation because that Voldemort"s (who was controlling Quirrell at the time of course) lack of trust:

"I think you next wanted come know," that pressed on, a little much more loudly, for Bellatrix proved every authorize of interrupting, "why i stood between the Dark Lord and also the Philosopher"s Stone. That is conveniently answered. He did not understand whether he could trust me. He thought, choose you, the I had turned indigenous faithful death Eater come Dumbledore"s stooge. He was in a pitiable condition, really weak, share the human body of a trivial wizard. The did no dare reveal himself to a previous ally if that ally might turn him end to Dumbledore or the Ministry."

Harry Potter and also the Half-Blood Prince - p.33 - Bloomsbury - chapter 2, Spinner"s End

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At the point, the Dark Lord most likely doubted Snape’s loyalty.It’s unlikely that the Dark Lord would have allowed Quirrell to look for out anyone who he had actually doubts around the true loyalty of. Prior to his resurrection, at least, the Dark Lord definitely seemed to doubt Snape was faithful to him. Us don’t have any kind of information about what the Dark mr was thinking at the moment he tried come steal the wizard Stone, but we do find out he’s doubting Snape when he’s returned to a body.

“And below we have six absent Death Eaters… three dead in my service. One, also cowardly to return… he will pay. One, that I think has left me forever… he will certainly be killed, the course… and also one, who continues to be my most faithful servant, and who has already reentered my service." - bother Potter and the Goblet of Fire, thing 33 (The fatality Eaters)

The three living and absent Death Eaters are, in order, Karkaroff (the cowardly one), Snape (the one who’s most likely left the forever) and also Barty Crouch Jr. (the one who’s currently returned come his service).

If the Dark mr had any kind of doubt at all that Snape would certainly be truly faithful to, he’d most likely not enable Quirrell to strategy him. He to be trying to save his continued existence and also plan to go back to power as mystery as feasible - it’s i can not qualify he’d enable Quirrell to method Snape even if he wanted to.

Also, Quirrell can not recognize Snape worked for the Dark Lord.

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The Dark Lord uncovered Quirrell in a forest in Albania together a lucky opportunity - prior to that, Quirrell was simply a teacher through no relations to the Dark Lord. As such, he could not understand that Snape was once a fatality Eater, as this didn’t seem to be typical knowledge to many of the wizarding world. Without inside knowledge, that mightn’t also have thought about the opportunity of pull close Snape for help. However, more important is the Dark Lord’s desire for secrecy - Quirrell couldn’t carry out it without approval.