Key difference – base Word vs source Word  

Base words room words that exist together recognizable indigenous in the English language. This words can not be divided into smaller sized units. Prefixes and also suffixes have the right to be added to these words to create new words. There room two theories about root words. Some world use the term source word together a synonym because that the basic word. However, in some contexts, source words refer to the component of the basic word the comes from an additional language. This article will mainly focus on this 2nd meaning. The crucial difference between base word and also root indigenous is the base words are recognizable native in the English language whereas source words are from one more language.

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1. Synopsis and vital Difference2. What is a base Word3. What is a source Word5. Next by side Comparison – base Word vs root Word in Tabular Form6. Summary

What is a base Word?

There room two species of native in the English language: the native that can be damaged down into smaller units and also words the cannot be broken down into smaller units. Words the cannot be broken down into smaller units are recognized as base words. In various other words, base word is the base kind of a word and also gives its straightforward meaning. Because that example, let’s look in ~ the 2 words happy and unhappy. The word happy cannot be damaged down into smaller units, however unhappy have the right to be broken down right into two units since this native is do by adding the prefix un to the basic word happy. Prefixes and suffixes space always added to base words.

Prefixes and also Suffixes

Prefix is a word aspect is uncovered in former of a basic word.Suffix is a word element is uncovered after a basic word.

Look in ~ the complying with words and also see if you deserve to identify the base word by removing the suffixes and prefixes.

Reusable, disappear, unhappiness, unacceptable, disqualified, childish, unlikely, reinvention

The basic words that the above list room underlined in the complying with section.

Reusable – re + use + ableDisappear – dis + appearUnhappiness – un + happy + nessUnacceptable – un + accept + bleDisqualified – dis + qualify + edChildish – boy + ishUnlikely – un + choose + lyReinvention – re + develop + ion

What is a source Word?

In linguistics, the term root word is frequently used synonymously through base word, and refers come a morpheme indigenous which words have actually been developed by the enhancement of prefixes or suffixes. For example, words transportation is developed from the root word transport.

However, the term source word likewise refers come the origin of the word. In this sense, source word is the part of the base word the comes from another language. For example, words maternal comes indigenous Latin mater and gives the meaning mother. So, this Latin word, mater can be considered as the source word of maternal. The root words the words favor maternity, maternally, maternalism, etc. Is also the Latin native mater.

Examples of basic Words and Root Words

Let’s look at part other examples to recognize the definition of basic words and also root words an ext clearly.


Base indigenous = cycle, source word = Latin cyclus (circle)


Base word = transport, source word = Latin port (to carry)


Base word = moderate, root word = Latin moderatus (reduced, controlled)

What is the Difference in between Base Word and also Root Word?

Base native vs source Word

Base word is a morpheme native which words have actually been created by the enhancement of prefixes or suffixes.Root word is the component of the base word that comes from an additional language.
Individual Meaning
Base word deserve to stand alone.Root indigenous cannot often stand alone.
Base words cannot be further divided.Root word comes from another language.

Summary – basic Word vs root Word

Base indigenous is a kind of a word to which affixes have the right to be added to create new words. Base words and also root words room two terms the are periodically used as synonyms. However, root words are likewise defined as parts of the base word that come from another language. This is the difference in between base word and also root word.

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