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It may look favor your guinea pigs space eating poo, yet they're in reality eating something else that's an essential for their health.

Image through Pezibear from Pixabay

It's not What girlfriend Think!

It's not actually poo the the guinea pigs room eating. However, the looks prefer poo and comes the end of the same place. And also it's actually critical to your guinea pig's health and well-being. I understand it sounds strange ~ above the surface yet it walk make full sense. Reality is absolutely stranger than fiction.

Name that Pellet

Guinea pigs excrete two kinds of dark brown pellets. One is the poo we all know and expect, yet the other is a link of vitamins and proteins that assist the guinea pig digest B vitamins. This are referred to as caecotrophs. They are very similar to the cud that hoofed pets like cows, deer and giraffes produce.

These pets can't chew their food enough in stimulate to effectively digest it. In the cud's case, it settles in the rumen to be operated on through acids, climate shot back up the esophagus for an additional chew. ~ that, it have the right to be digested. In a guinea pig's case, lock don't have actually rumens, so the "cud" comes the end the other way for a second chew.

Caecotrophs space squishier and smellier than their poop counterparts. Girlfriend will very rarely ever before see them. If you execute see them, that's normally not a an excellent sign. Guinea pigs usually ingest castle as quickly as they know it's around to pop out. If you've ever before seen her guinea pig chewing after cleaning his or her behind, girlfriend now understand what the or she is chewing on. If your guinea pig does no eat your caecotrophs, lock will end up being malnourished very quickly.

What come Do when Your Guinea Pig Isn't Eating your Caecotrophs

Older guinea pigs, specifically boars (males) but really occasionally in sows (females), shed the muscle tone in their anus regions. This deserve to sometimes command to impacted bottoms, whereby the poo and also the caecotrophs won't come out. Girlfriend or a vet will need to manually ease the lump of excreta out. The guinea pig could want come eat the lump. Don't avoid the piggy.

In the meantime, your piggy will require some special foods to store him or her from obtaining malnourished. Toasted wheat germ is recommended, and water-soluble vitamin additionally (if her piggy is still drinking normally). Once in doubt, call the vet, please!


Rabbits Eat This, Too

Rabbits also produce caecotrophs, so if you check out a rabbit munching on what seems like poo, don't worry. You usually won't see them, as the hare instinctively knows when it's coming. If you carry out see a many rabbit caecotrophs about, it's generally not diarrhea as some older rabbit care manuals suggest. It method the hare is on as well rich of a diet. If the hare still refuses to eat caecotrophs, climate you need to see a vet.

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