If you have a pet guinea pig, the is crucial to know just how well they deserve to see in the dark. After all, no caring pets parent wants their guinea pigs stumbling about (without a irradiate ) as soon as they’re make the efforts to gain their food, water or litter box. This makes some owners wonder: “Do guinea pigs require a irradiate a night?”

As a general rule, guinea pigs do not require a irradiate at night. Guinea pigs can’t watch in the dark, yet they have sharp senses and an abilities that assist them navigate your cage – such as hearing, smell, and also spatial memory. In fact, keeping their cage dark at night services guinea pigs in numerous ways.

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Keep analysis this blog post. You’ll learn the best alternatives for providing lighting to her guinea pigs during the day, and also what you must know about night time lighting and also how it affects them. You’ll likewise learn how guinea pigs navigate in ~ night and the details around how they do it therefore well.

Let’s acquire started!

Why don’t Guinea Pigs need A light At Night?How Well have the right to Guinea Pigs See?Frequently request Questions around Guinea Pigs, Lighting, and Sight

Why nothing Guinea Pigs need A irradiate At Night?


When listening come the squeaks and also scuttles the guinea pigs at night, it’s natural for us to think that our tiny critters deserve to see perfectly fine in the dark. However the truth is there’s no clinical proof that guinea pigs deserve to see in the dark.


There’s plenty of proof to assistance that guinea pigs use various other senses to aid them navigate in small to no lighting.

Here’s exactly how they carry out it:


Guinea Pigs have an exceptional sense that touch, many thanks to your whiskers (also called vibrissae!). These small hairs space so sensitive that a guinea pig in a dark room can tell what’s nearby just by alters in the air current from close to objects prefer walls, food bowls, and hideaways!

When they’re trying out something new – sniffing out tasty treats or deciding if there is danger roughly – they’ll fan-out your whiskers for much more information about size, texture and also other details. Guinea pigs use these furry strands come detect dangers as well as find food…and sometimes even each other!


Guinea pig’s sense of odor is heightened in the dark, which permits them come easily discover their food dish and also water bowl at night.

Sense of smell is additionally important for piggies because it helps them communicate with other furry friends and also humans. It’s done by utilizing chemical messages that deserve to be detected v scent receptors in ~ a nasal cavity.

Spatial Memory

Domesticated guinea pigs have an great spatial storage – much far better than their wild cousins. Scientists think the it’s their domestication which has actually let them adapt to man-made environments therefore easily and remember wherein bits of food, hideaways, or water bowls room without a light source.

What walk this mean?

Piggies deserve to work out how best to find the way around in dark spaces by mental landmarks such as corners and also ledges and distances between objects – for months in ~ a time.

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Some pet parents worry around their tiny guinea pigs bumping right into things at night, yet they’re worried needlessly. Based top top the trifecta that adaptations, that clear irradiate isn’t necessary for safety and security or for their tiny friends to efficiently navigate your enclosures.

Pet parents all over can be sure (and breathe a sigh that relief); their tiny furry friends will be simply fine in the dark…