Raisins deserve to be appreciated as a snack or provided as an ingredient in cooking and baking. But no matter just how you usage the dried grapes, sooner or later on you will find yourself through a big opened up package the you don’t arrangement on finishing anytime soon. That’s once the concern “do raisins walk bad?” comes up.

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Or perhaps you want to conserve some money and bought raisins in bulk. And also you’re searching for the best way to store them for the long term. You have actually thought about refrigerating them, yet aren’t certain if that helps. And since fridge space comes at a premium in many households, you want to know for certain if it renders sense to store them in there.

If those thoughts and concerns sound familiar, this short article is because that you. In it, us go through storage, shelf life, and going poor of raisins. If that’s other you desire to find out a bit more about, you’re in the appropriate place.

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How to keep Raisins

Raisins are essentially grapes that space dried to extend their shelf life. The procedure of dry grapes likewise enhances the sweetness of the fruit. Because raisins contain little moisture, they space shelf stable.

So when it involves storing golden or continual raisins, a cool, dry, and dark place is wherein you want to keep them. They need to sit away from humidity to stop mold growth, and heat and light so they won’t dry out. That makes the pantry the best place to keep raisins. If the pantry is not an option, a dark room in the kitchen will carry out too. Simply make sure it’s nowhere close to the stove.

Once you open up the package, the most necessary thing is come keep the leftovers sealed tightly. If you plan on using the raisins within a month, I would certainly stick through the plastic pack they come in and also tried to seal it as tightly together I could.


If you mean to keep the raisins approximately for a much longer period, deliver them to an airtight container or a freezer bag. A leaky packaging will reason the dried fruit to dry out and also harden, and you certainly don’t desire that.

The raisins can stay in the pantry after opened the package. As soon as it concerns refrigerating them, it just makes sense if girlfriend live in a hot and also humid climate, and don’t have access to a slightly chillier pantry. If that’s the case, the raisins will certainly last much much longer in the fridge than at room temperature. In “typical” circumstances, raisins retain top quality in the pantry because that as long as they execute in the refrigerator.

When it concerns refrigerating these dried fruits, make sure you put them in one airtight container or freezer bag. Otherwise, they will dry out quickly.

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How long Do Raisins Last

Raisins, unlike fresh fruit prefer bananas or pineapples, have actually a long shelf life. But that doesn’t typical you must store them for years. Even dried fruits are perishable goods and also will go negative or degrade in high quality at part point.

A bag of raisins commonly comes v a best-by day on the label. That date is, obviously, only a turbulent estimate of exactly how long the raisins will retain quality.

You can easily assume the they need to be perfect fine as much as that date and also then some. Let’s be actual here, dried fruit isn’t a food product known for going bad fast and also easily. As long as girlfriend take an excellent care that them, they need to last a few months past that date in an excellent condition.

Once you open the package, the shelf life that the leftover raisins counts on just how you store them. If friend seal them tightly and follow the rest of the guidelines, lock should last because that at least 6 months. That course, if you open up the package close to the day on the label, don’t suppose them come keep high quality for that long.

Raisins (unopened)Best-by + 1 – 3 monthsBest-by + 1 – 3 months
Raisins (opened)6 months6 months

Please note the periods over are estimates and for the best quality.

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How come Tell If Raisins have Gone Bad

As usual, begin by spring for any type of typical indications of spoilage, such as mold or any type of other essential growth. An off odor (instead that the usual sweetish-tart aroma) or significant changes in color mean the raisins space spoiled and also should it is in discarded too.

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If the raisins have dried out and also hardened, you can still recovery them.

If everything around the raisins seems to be perfect fine, eat one or two and decide what to carry out with them based upon the taste.