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Enter Faustus in his study.


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Now, Faustus, need to thou needs be damned? Can"st thou not be saved? What boots it then to think on God or heaven? Away through such vain fancies and also despair, 395Despair in God and trust in Beelzebub, now go not backward, Faustus; it is in resolute. Why wavers thou? O other soundeth in mine ear. Abjure this magic, revolve to God again. Why that loves thee not. The God thou serv"st is thine fan appetite 400Wherein is addressed the love of Beelzebub to him, I"ll construct an altar and a church, and also offer lukewarm blood, the new-born babes. Get in the 2 Angels. Euill An.Go forward, Faustus, in that renowned art. An excellent An.405Sweet Faustus, leave that execrable art. Faust.Contrition, prayer, repentance? What of these? an excellent A.O, they are method to bring thee unto heaven. Negative A.Rather, illusions, fruit of lunacy, the make castle foolish that perform use castle most. An excellent A.410Sweet Faustus, think the heaven and heavenly things. Negative A.No, Faustus, think the honour and also of wealth.Exeunt Angels Faust.Wealth? Why the signory of Embden shall be mine. Once Mephistophilis shall stand by me, What power deserve to hurt me? Faustus, thou arts safe. 415Cast no much more doubts; Mephistophilis, and bring glad tidings from an excellent Lucifer Is"t no midnight? Come, Mephistophilis. Veni veni Mephostophile.Enter Mephistophilis currently tell me, what saith Lucifer, thy Lord? 420That i shall wait top top Faustus whilst the lives, so he will buy my organization with his soul. Faust.Already Faustus hath hazarded that for thee. Meph.But currently thou have to bequeath that solemnly, and write a deed that gift with thine owe blood, 425For that security craves Lucifer If thou deny it ns must earlier to hell. Faust.Stay, Mephistophilis, and also tell me, What an excellent will my soul perform thy Lord? Meph.Enlarge his Kingdom. Faust.430Is that the factor why that tempts united state thus? Meph.Solamen miseris, socios habuisse doloris. Faust.Why, have you any pain that torture other? Meph.As great as have the humane souls that men. However tell me Faustus, chandelier I have thy soul? 435And I will certainly be thy slave and wait on thee, and also give thee an ext then you hast wit come ask. Faust.I Mephistophilis, I"ll provide it him. Meph.Then Faustus stab thy eight courageously, and bind your soul, that at some specific day 440Great Lucifer may case it together his owe, and then it is in thou as good as Lucifer Faust.Lo Mephistophilis: for love that thee Faustus hath reduced his arm, and also with his proper blood assures his spirit to be good Lucifer"s, chief Lord and Regent that perpetual night. 445View below this blood that trickles indigenous mine arm, and also let it be propitious for my wish. Meph.But, Faustus, compose it in manner of a deed that gift. Faust.Ay, so i do, but, Mephistophilis , 450My blood congeals, and also I can write no more Meph.I"ll fetch thee fire to dissolve it straight. Exit. Faust.What might the staying of mine blood portend? Is it unwilling I must write this bill? Why streams it not that I may write afresh? 455Faustus offers to thee his soul: O there it stayed. Why should"st she not? Is no thy heart thine owe? Then create again: Faustus offers to thee his soul. Go into Mephistophilis, v the chafer the fire. Meph.See, Faustus, here is fire; set it on. Faust.460So, currently the blood starts to clear again. Currently will ns make an finish immediately. Meph.What will certainly not I perform to obtain his soul? Faust.Consummatum est: this bill is ended, and Faustus on foot bequeathed his heart to Lucifer 465But what is this inscription on mine arm? Homo fuge! Whither must I fly? If depend heaven, he"ll litter me under to hell. My senses are deceived; here"s nothing writ: O yes, I check out it plain, even here is writ 470Homo fuge, yet shall no Faustus fly. Meph.I"ll bring him somewhat to delight his mind. Exit. Go into Devils, offering crowns and rich apparel come Faustus. Castle dance and also then depart. Get in Mephistophilis Faust.What method this show? Speak, Mephistophilis. Meph.Nothing, Faustus, but to pleasure thy mind, and also let thee check out what magic can perform Faust.But might I raise such spirits when I please? Meph.480Ay, Faustus, and also do greater things 보다 these. Faust.Then, Mephistophilis, get this scroll, A deed of gift, that body and of soul. But yet conditionally the thou carry out All covenants and articles between us both. Meph.485Faustus, ns swear by hell and also Lucifer To impact all promises in between us both. Faust.Then listen me review it, Mephistophilis, ~ above these problems following. First, the Faustus might be a spirit in type and substance. Secondly, the Mephistophilis shall it is in his servant, and be by that commanded. Thirdly, that Mephistophilis shall perform for him and also bring that whatsoever. Fourthly, the he shall it is in in his chamber or residence invisible. Lastly, that he shall appear to the claimed John Faustus at all times in what shape and type soever he please. I, john Faustus of Wittenberg, Doctor, by this presents, do offer both body and also soul come Lucifer, Prince the the East, and also his minister Mephistophilis, and furthermore grant depend them that 4 and 20 years being expired, and these posts written being inviolate, complete power come fetch or carry the claimed John Faustus" body and also soul, flesh, blood, right into their ha- bitation wheresoever. By me man Faustus. Meph. Speak, Faustus, carry out you provide this together your deed? Faust.Ay, take it, and the evil one give thee great of it. Meph.So, currently Faustus, questioning me what she wilt. Faust.First, i will question thee about hell: call me, whereby is the ar that men contact hell? Meph.510Under the heavens. Faust.Ay, so space all points else, however whereabouts? Meph.Within the bowels of this elements, whereby we room tortured, and remain forever. Hell on foot no limits, no one is circumscribed 515In one me place, however where we are is hell, and where hell is there should we ever before be. And to be short, as soon as all the civilization dissolves, and also every biology shall it is in purified, All locations shall be hell the is not heaven. Faust.520I think hell"s a fable. Meph. Ay, think for this reason still, till experience change thy mind. Faust.Why, dost you think that Faustus shall be damned? Meph.Ay, the necessity, because that here"s the role In which you hast given thy heart to Lucifer Meph.525Ay, and also body too, yet what that that? Think"st thou that Faustus is for this reason fond come imagine that after this life over there is any kind of pain? No, these room trifles, and also mere old wives tales. Meph.But i am an circumstances to prove the contrary, 530For ns tell thee ns am damned and now in hell. Faust.Nay, and this it is in hell, I"ll willingly it is in damned. What sleeping, eating, walking and also disputing? however leaving this, let me have a wife, the fairest maid in Germany, for i am wanton and lascivious and cannot live 535without a wife. Meph.Well, Faustus, thou shalt have actually a wife. That fetches in a mrs devil. Faust.What sight is this? Meph.Now, Faustus, wilt thou have a wife? Faust.540Here"s a hot whore indeed; no, I"ll no wife. Meph.Marriage is but a ceremonial toy, and if thou lov"st me think no an ext of it. I"ll cull thee out the fairest courtesans, and also bring them every morning come thy bed. 545She who thine eye chandelier like, thy heart shall have, were she together chaste as was Penelope, together wise together Saba, or together beautiful as was bright Lucifer prior to his fall. Here, take it this book, and peruse it well. 550The iterating of this lines brings gold; The frame of this one on the ground brings thunder, whirl-winds, storm and also lightning. Pronounce this thrice devoutly come thyself, and also men in harness shall appear to thee, 555Ready to execute what thou command"st. Faust.

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Thanks, Mephistophilis, because that this sweet book. This will certainly I keep as chary together my life. Exeunt. enter Wagner solus. Wag.Learned Faustus560To recognize the tricks of AstronomyGraven in the publication of Jove"s high firmament, walk mount self to scale Olympus" top. Gift seated in a chariot burning bright, attracted by the toughness of yokey dragons" necks, 565He now is unable to do to prove cosmography, and also as ns guess will first arrive in ~ Rome, To view the Pope and also manner that his court, and also take some component of holy Peter"s feast, the to now is highly solemnized.Exit Wagner.