So the evade that has been 99% reliable since the day we bought it chose it did not desire to begin last week. Ns say 99% due to the fact that six weeks back the fuel gauge began acting wonky. Once I turned the an essential on I gained all the lights on the dashboard including the CEL however I did no hear the fuel pump comes on. Simple right? requirements a fuel pump.

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So I put a fuel pump in this weekend.

No difference.

I watch no fuses negative in the two primary fuse boxes, and also played roulette with the relays come no avail. I have spark at all 4 coil wires as well as 4 newer spark plugs and also the timing belt appears to it is in spinning properly with both camer pulleys aligned.

Who has actually a magic bullet on them?


This need to be pretty easy to fix. If it"s anything prefer my various other multiple mopar fuel pump experiences, every you need to do is split open the wiring harness until you uncover the broken/melted spot.



must resist...the advice to...make joke....auurgghhaaa!!!!


Need... To... Get...running... To sell... So... Ns ... Can obtain a... Far better P.O.S.... Choose a... Renault Fuego...


VOM"s space so handy to find out if you space getting current to the pump.Or a 12 volt check light.

my girlfriend is having similar problems v his E28.. Verrry similar...

I was going to say the fuel pump won"t come on if the computer doesn"t finding a functioning crankshaft place sensor, yet you"re gaining spark, so that"s more than likely not it. I found that out the hard way when I put a transmission in a friend"s Dodge lamb 1500, and accidentally smashed the wiring come the crank sensor between the engine and also transmission. That sucked.

A buddy at the evade garage said to eliminate the earlier seat and look at the wiring together it comes in indigenous under the car. The has had a decision of this body format smoking the harnesses just like PG said.

iceracer wrote: VOM"s are so handy to discover out if you room getting existing to the pump. Or a 12 volt test light.

They are awesome if you remember to change the batteries before you need to do a large electrical repair.

If it"s prefer the larger Dodge"s there"s a relay. I"d uncover that, make certain it"s working, then check for strength at the relay, climate continuity from the relay come the pump.

john Brown wrote: iceracer wrote: VOM"s room so handy to find out if you space getting current to the pump. Or a 12 volt test light.They room awesome if friend remember to replace the batteries before you have to do a big electrical repair.

So true !

a girlfriend of mine had a similar problem v his dodge stratus but his would blow a fuse anytime he would replace it and start the car. Together it turns out the wait filter covering mashes a wire up against the fuel heat (by design???) and also after so many years the wire had worn through and also blew the fuse every time you started the car. Uneven of food the air filter cover was removed because then it wasn"t pushing the wire versus the steel fuel line. Ns don"t know if this will help but it"s worth looking in to.

Six codes, in order:

P0627 Fuel Pump Circuit Open

P0481 Cooling fan 2 Relay

P0480 Low speed Cooling Fan

P0685 ASD/Auto transition Down Relay

P0463 Fuel Gauge Sensor Circuit High Voltage

P0108 Map Sensor Circuit High Voltage

Cleared password from system and tried come start, crank no start... But none of the codes have returned...

... Frustrated ;)

none of the password returned since the automobile wont start, so that couldnt go into closed loop and also allow every one of the monitors come run

Run 12V straight to the pump from the battery. Excellent this ~ above a few "no start" problem cars. If the starts ns just collection up a relay for key-on strength to the fuel pump, include a fuse and also call that a day. If the automobile was worth much more I"d say settle it properly and find the problem.

slefain wrote: operation 12V straight to the pump native the battery. Done this on a few "no start" difficulty cars. If the starts i just collection up a relay because that key-on strength to the fuel pump, add a fuse and call it a day. If the car was worth an ext I"d say settle it properly and find the problem.

I to be going to shot something favor this and also if it works I am driving it right to the Hyundai/Kia dealer for a Genesis, or come the Ford dealer because that a 2011 Mustang V6.

john Brown wrote: slefain wrote: run 12V right to the pump from the battery. Done this on a few "no start" problem cars. If it starts i just collection up a relay for key-on power to the fuel pump, add a fuse and also call that a day. If the car was worth an ext I"d say resolve it properly and find the problem.I to be going to try something prefer this and also if it works I am driving it straight to the Hyundai/Kia dealer because that a Genesis, or to the Ford dealer because that a 2011 Mustang V6.

The brand-new mustang comercial is nice awesome, and I dont also like blue all. Yet I assumption: v thats no really fair. Of the medium 3, ns guess theres a battle in my mind between henry and also the general.

Is there a opportunity someone lightly rear-ended the car, not leaving any kind of damage, however hit that hard enough for the automatic fuel shutoff point to kick in? There must be a button in the trunk to permit the fuel pump to revolve on again. Ns don"t recognize if this would have thrown a code. Ns don"t think so due to the fact that I think it"s an inertia switch that cut the power, not the computer.

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They would certainly have had actually to have acquired exceptionally creative. It to be backed into my driveway at 6:00pm and also would not begin at 6:00am.

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