For an ext than a decade, Dr. Phil McGraw has actually captivated audience by pass troubled guest on his eponymous TV show and also trying to help them make a readjust for the better. But the star might not in reality be as compassionate together he appears on-screen. Since the begin of the Dr. Phil show in 2002, episodes have actually only end up being crazier, and also though it provides for great television, part think Dr. Phil is just doing an ext harm than good by exposing civilization in your most breakable state. So, what yes, really goes top top behind the scenes at Dr. Phil? Here’s whatever we know about the famous TV show.

Is Dr. Phil a real doctor?

Although Dr. Phil has acquired his Ph.D. In clinical psychology indigenous the Universy of phibìc Texas, the is no a license is granted therapist, follow to The brand-new York Times. As most doctors will store the names and also information about their patient confidential, Dr. Phil has been accused of violating patients’ privacies in the past — specific Britney Spears’ in 2008. The 67-year-old created a blog post around his qualifications after ~ many people questioned his experience when he saw Spears in the hospital and also disclosed her psychological state come Entertainment Tonight. Dr. Phil described he retirement his patent to have actually a private exercise on his 25th anniversary because it was a Texas license and he moved to California. “I do, however, still have actually 30 year of experience, a hard-earned Ph.D. In clinical psychology so girlfriend still have to speak to me Dr. Phil. I am absolutely eligible to be license is granted in California so much as education, training and experience, but I’ve chosen rather to pursue one more course and use my education,” that wrote. Due to the fact that of this, the state’s rules on medical principles were inapplicable.

Are guests paid on Dr. Phil?

Though it appears that not all guests space paid for their time, celebrities are certainly compensated for showing up on the show. ABC shown that Burke Ramsey, the brother of the late JonBenét Ramsey, to be paid an undisclosed amount to talk around his sister’s murder, if Lindsay Lohan’s mom Dina Lohan apparently earned $50,000 for going top top the daytime talk show.

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Though Dr. Phil self hasn’t spoken out, psychologist boy name Greenberg, who worked on the show, refuse the allegations. “Dr. McGraw has actually a very strong sense that trying to not make use of people,” the stated. “Now, it is a tv show. These world volunteer come come on. They beg come come on. And he tries to treat them v respect… and also to give them the opportunity to get aid if they desire to carry out that. It’s not a complex formula.”

He continued, “The STAT short article does not reasonably or accurately define the approaches of Dr.

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, the TV show, or that is mission come educate numerous viewers about drug and also alcohol addiction. The present does not provide drugs or alcohol come its guests and any suggestions to the contradictory is errant nonsense.”