I’m from the South. I say y’all and also fixin’ top top a consistent basis and also I have a southerly drawl that gets commented on when I walk to brand-new York or mountain Francisco top top business. Being from the South, I gain the same basic pleasures the all Southerners do. Florida Gator Football, NASCAR Racing, fishing, and also pretty much any type of other activity that gives me a factor to either relax or drink or do both. One thing that us Southerners enjoy above all various other things is enjoy it a big, cold glass/mason jug of sweet iced tea if watching the sunlight go under on a hot July evening.

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Make no mistake, sweet tea is as lot a staple southern of the Mason-Dixon line together milk, bread, eggs and also beer. It’s not an uncommon website to see a toddler walking about with a party or sippy cup complete of the stuff. Seriously.

I to be no exemption when it concerns having a vice for sweet tea. And as you know by the reality that I write for a drinking website that I also have an affinity for alcohol. On numerous occasions, I’ve stated to world that i wish there to be a method to acquire drunk while drinking sweet tea. To it is in honest, I’ve actually blended sweet tea with whatever from natural Light (I was drunk already) come Jim Beam. Nothing ever got me drunk without death the taste of the sweet tea. I just provided up and figured that was never ever meant come be.

That was till a couple of weeks back when I had heard rumors the a vodka do in south Carolina that when combined properly tasted favor sweet tea. Can it be? had my prayers to be answered? to be God lastly coming with with our consolation prize for not winning the civil War?

You need to never underestimate the ingenuity of a bunch of rednecks v a moonshine still and a mission. Yes so probably the folks end at Firefly Distillery aren’t a bunch of rednecks through a still. They’re actually geniuses in mine book. Because the beginning of sweet tea and vodka, no one has ever before thought, “Hey! Let’s med vodka v tea leaves and also see what it tastes like.” The Firefly Distillery in reality infuses the vodka v tea leaves grown top top a plantation less than 5 mile from the distillery. Is there a Nobel Prize for alcohol?

Once I had actually actually shown that Firefly Vodka actually existed, I saw their site to discover that the nearest location to to buy it was in Jacksonville i m sorry is 75 mile away. Yes, I might have driven, yet with the price that gas a bottle would have ended up costing an extra $35 on optimal of the $20 the 750ml in reality costs. So ns figured I can wait until I either to be going come Jacksonville for some reason, or Firefly started marketing their hooch locally.

Fast-forward to this past Friday. I walk into the alphabet Jax Liquors across from the mall looking for something come relax me after the week-long multi-city organization trip I had actually been on. This save is perfect as soon as you have no idea what you’re in the atmosphere for. It’s huge and has whatever you could imagine. I wandered previous the bourbon, gin, and meandered over to the vodka. Everything was nice and neat through all the bottles pulled to the front. That’s as soon as I noticed a void in the bottles. Ns walked over, looked right into the dark, two-bottle large void, and also there that was. A lone party of Firefly Vodka. Ns can’t swear come it, but I’m pretty sure I heard one angelic choir.

I conveniently snatched up the bottle and began looking for something come mix that with. What the hell execute you mix through sweet tea flavored vodka? climate I had an epiphany. Ns looked top top the ago of the bottle and also there to be the solitary greatest mixing instructions i had ever before read.

1 half Firefly Vodka

1 fifty percent spring water

Pour end ice and also garnish with a lemon twist

The reality that the devices of this spirit indicate that ns mix it fifty percent and half – which is the means I mix every little thing – catapulted them come the optimal of mine “People who room badasses,” list. Ns hurried home and also like a son with a scientific research kit followed the directions.

Ladies and gentlemen. Sweet tea the gets friend drunk and also actually tastes favor sweet tea. Ns tasted it and a solitary tear rolled under my cheek favor that Indian in the commercial from the ’60s. This is definitely a drink the will have actually a permanent place in my collection of sit ~ above the earlier porch and chill drinks. Ns didn’t drink a lot of it. This isn’t the type of ingredient you purchase and try to death the bottle. I drank a few to gain a great buzz going and left it at that.

So if you’re a true Southerner, or someone who thinks castle are, or just someone who enjoys watching the sun go down through a drink. I extremely recommend keeping a bottle of Firefly on hand. It’s the finest $20 you’ll ever spend on alcohol.

P.S. According to their website, the Firefly Distillery simply shipped the end 1.75L handles that need to hit the shelves this week.

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