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By kazuya_2000

D D B D ZZD D BBBBBBB ZZD D B B ZZDDDDDDDDD BBBBBBBB ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ B K <0> 33333333BBBB B KKKK 3 B B B B BBBBB BBBBB K K BBBB II 3B B B B B B B B K K B B II 3 3 3BBBB BBBB BBBBB BBBBB K K BBBBB B II 3 3 3 3 3|. Table of materials .|I. Character Bio/ControlsII. Moves/ListIII. Progressed CombosIV. Unlocking Omega ShenronV. Note & unique Thanks============================================|Character Bio/Controls============================================|OMEGA SHENRON "1 Star zero Dragon"Race: Shenron DragonTransformations in Order:(Omega Shenron does no have any type of transformations available)

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Special Moves:Minus power Power BallOmega Shenron Status:Attack: 100%Guard: 100% shortest Guard: 86%Moves Legend:P= SquareK= TriangleE= CircleG= X^= Juggle=============================================|II. Moves/List=============================================|Omega ShenronAttacks:Whirlwind SpinDragon ThunderMinus energy Power BallWhirldwind SpinType: AbilityTotal Damage: 300-580Ki Gauges: 1Commands:Whirldwind rotate Combo # 1Damage: 580Command: Forward p Forward PPPPEWhirldwind rotate Combo # 2Damage: 536Command: front KPPEWhirlwind spin Combo # 3Damage: 300Command: forward EDragon ThunderType: AbilityTotal Damage: 400-400Ki Gauges: 2Commands:Dragon Thunder Combo # 1Damage: 400Command: KKKPEDragon Thunder Combo # 2Damage: 400Command: K front KPPEDragon Thunder Combo # 3Damage: 400Command: ago EMinus energy Power BallType: ability SpecialTotal Damage: 1299Ki Gauges: 5 Command: PKGE all together at the very same time in Hyper setting or push L2==================================|III. Progressed Combos==================================|Omega ComboDamage: 1291Command: Forward ns Forward PPPPE + Dragon RushShenron Barrage ComboDamage: 903Command: Forward p Forward PPPPE + E(3)====================================|IV. Unlocking Omega Shenron====================================|To face off with Omega Shenron, friend will must be playing through Goku's DU setting on a 2nd time or more. In stimulate to fight Omega Shenron, you have to have built up Goku's SSJ4 Capsule. V this prerequisite set, satisfy the demands for fighting Broly as listed above. When you have beaten Broly, chrischona2015.orgore the red dot on your map and proceed come West City wherein Goku will have a dialogue through Bulma around the Dragon Radar. Continue to the red period on her map now, and also defeat Gotenks making use of the Gogeta fusion. As soon as you have done so, a new red dot will light up on her map, where you will discover Omega Shenron. SSJ4 Vegeta will certainly arrive, and also he will certainly fuse through Goku to form SSJ4 Gogeta and you will battle Omega Shenron in this form. Loss Omega Shenron in an exceptionally easy battle, many thanks to the power of SSJ4 Gogeta, and you will certainly unlock Omega Shenron, and also Goku's SSJ4 Gogeta capsule.Thanks to 19gamer89 top top this section.====================================|IV. Notes and also Special Thanks====================================|Special many thanks goes to Kareem Khan, 19gamer89 for helpingme out with this FAQ. Kareem cannes gets credit for help meout v the combos, and moves. 19gamer89 likewise deserves creditfor this also for the "Unlocking Omega Shenron" section part.And more thanks come because that publishing my FAQs and also this one.If you wish to have any kind of questions, answers, or anything because that me. Feel totally free to contactme at gokuchaos3