Duck, think external the flock:Guide:Level 1 -Guide the duck to the eggs v the cursor.Level 2 -Click on all of the ducks.Level 3 -Keep monitor of the duck with arrow, then click.Level 4 -Click on violet duck.Level 5 -Guide duck to eggs, direction of motion is inverted.Level 6 -Collect white eggs, don"t touch violet eggs.Level 7 -Click optimal left duck, bottom left duck, peak right duck, bottom ideal duck, then middle duck.Level 8 -Collect egg in bespeak from tiny to biggest.Level 9 -Collect white eggs through inverted mouse controls.Level 10 -Click duck in fourth row, third over come the right.Level 11 -Keep clicking on ducks to move them in a circle where their shade matches ring color.Level 12 -Keep track of the duck through the arrow above it"s head.Level 13 -Collect 3 tiny eggs, then 3 medium sized, then 3 large.Level 14 -Click bottom left duck once, peak left duck twice, and also top appropriate duck twice.Level 15 -Drag the large duck away, climate click on little duck.Level 16 -The strategy to finish level 16 is to hit the 3rd duck in each side (marked v a "0") in any kind of order:X X 0 X0 X X XX X X 0X 0 X XLevel 17 -Rotate the ideal ring till a yellow duck is 1 an are away indigenous the middle. Rotate the left ring till the purple duck is one room away indigenous the middle. Send the violet duck on the right into the purple ring and then revolve the left ring till the middle room it open again. Send the yellow duck come the yellow ring and collection up the ring to the there"s a yellow duck top top the best ring prepared to get in the middle ring, and also a violet duck ~ above the left ring ready to go into the center ring. Send the purple duck in come the violet ring, then rotate the left ring, and also send the yellow duck right into the yellow ring.Level 18 -The vertical directions space inverted to your duck will certainly still correctly go left or right, it"s just up and down that"s backwards. Collect the white eggs and also avoid the violet eggs.Level 19 -Keep dragging the end the ducks till one isn"t dealing with you, click on that duck.Level 20 -Click top top the duck in the second row, 1st column.Level 21 -This time the horizontal directions space inverted. Very same thing, collection white eggs, no purple.Level 22 -This is a equivalent game where your ducks continuing to be eyes and also colors have to match. You pretty much have to find pairs of ducks the look alike. Here"s a all the set of corresponding ducks going formatted prefer this. (duck 1 row, duck 1 column/duck2 row, duck 2 column) : (1,1/1,4) (2,1/1,4) (3,1/2,4) (2,3/2,4) (2,4/3,1) (3,2/4,4) (2,2/3,4) (2,1/3,3)Level 23 -Drag the end 3 duck from the middle. Then drag 3 miniature ducks from those (6 total), click the 3 duck not dealing with you.Level 24 -This is a level I execute not have actually a strategy for, just do things in a pattern, definition do anything you do to one next to the same piece on the other side.Level 25 -This is tic-tac-toe and also the strategy for rapid win is walk middle, climate bottom right, then optimal right, and also for a fatality walk bottom left.I hope this overview helped some civilization with the badge, and also if anybody has actually a strategy for the level ns couldn"t find one because that please short article them. Good night. ~Hokage4354
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great guide. Ns was walking to modify it earlier but figured I"d let u finish what u started. Good stuff guys. I"m happy to watch all the evaluate that have actually come in.

September 19, 2008 in ~ 12:02 AM


The strategy to end up level 16 is come hit the 3rd duck in each side (marked with a "0") in any order: X X 0 X 0 X X X X X X 0 X 0 X X

October 1, 2008 in ~ 8:19 AM


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For level 24, go to the right hand corner and click diagonally to the left 3 times. Repeat for the appropriate hand corner.