In 2000, Kentucky-born and Ohio-native country music artist Dwight Yoakam exit his eleventh studio album called Tomorrow’s sounds Today. The album consists of a full of 14 song in i beg your pardon 11 room self-written by Dwight Yoakam. One tune in particular, “I want You to want Me“, was in reality a rebirth hit from the rock tape Cheap Trick. Originally, it is a strength pop track with a rock twang in it. Later, Yoakam took the song and gave the a touch that country.

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In addition, Dwight Yoakam‘s distinct sound produce a blend of nation music, honky tonk, and bluegrass. The is known for his distinct hip honky tonk music i m sorry he presented in nation music. Indeed, that is a well-loved artist for his God-given talent in music.

WATCH Dwight Yoakam’s variation of “I desire You To desire Me” and its music video.

Original Version: Cheap Trick’s Top-selling Single

Released in September 1977, “I desire You to want Me” is initially a strength pop single by the American rock tape Cheap Trick. The band’s major songwriter and also lead guitarist Rick Nielsen penned the song while document producer Tom Werman produced it because that Epic Records. This three-minute tune was the first single come be released on the band’s 2nd album, In Color. However, the song, in particular, did no chart in the U.S.

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Despite this, “I desire You to want Me” came to be a renowned song in eastern Asia specifically in Japan where it charted no. 1. The success that this fight in Japan do the Cheap Trick go to the nation at Nippon Budokan because that a collection of concerts. Together a result, in 1978, the team recorded and also released your most famous album, Cheap Trick at Budokan.

In 1979, Cheap Trick performed and released a live variation of “I desire You to desire Me.” at this moment, the song took off and also became the group’s best selling single. As a matter of fact, it gotten in music charts in eight countries. Its highest possible was in ~ no. 1 in the two surrounding European countries, Belgium and also the Netherlands. In the joined States, the song peaked in ~ no. 3 top top the Cash Box top 100 if no. 7 top top Billboard warm 100.

Selling much more than 1 million records, “I want You to desire Me” to be certified yellow by the Recording industry Association of America (RIAA). So far, this was Cheap Trick’s top-charting solitary in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

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In one interview, Tom Werman, the tune producer, revealed something around the song. He explains:

“‘I want You To desire Me’ to be a fabulous dancehall type of song, and a perfect pop tune, and also it was expected to be a little campy. I placed the piano on—a male named Jai Winding play it. And I remember questioning the tape what they believed of it, and Rick Nielsen kind of shrugged and also said, ‘You’re the producer."” Further: “It was a burlesque song, prefer a 30’s number. That is what they created it as.”

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