Free California DMV exercise Test questions, comparable to what you will find at the California DMV; acquisition our practice exam will certainly let you know if you are likely to efficiently pass the Test. Gain the new California DMV driver"s patent study guide to prepare because that the California Learner"s Permit exam here.

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Question: digital highway message boards communicate______. A. Safety and security messages B. Advertisements C. Radio terminal frequencies D. Just highway patrol warnings
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Permit test 2Permit test 3Please share your Test Question and also Answers: If you have gone v your motorists Ed Course, review test and took DMV exam, and also happen to remember a question and also its exactly answer, you re welcome scroll to the bottom the this page and also use the kind to include your comments. This is no a cheat-sheet, just an aide to help you know what is the ideal answer.

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a freeway on-ramp is marked with this white sign. Which of the adhering to vehicles might use this lanea an excellent safety rule, when you space sure you have a legit right-of-way, is:a tranquility officer is signaling you come drivea for sure driver understands the the right-of-way must beafter passing an additional car, you need to not pull ago in former of it till youalcohol first impairs your drivers edanimals might be transported in the earlier of a pickup truck only ifare parking and driving two various functionsat a blind intersectionat an untreated railroad crossing the rate limit is:at intersections, crosswalks, and railroad crossings, you should always:california dmv allow testcalifornia"s son restraint regulation is draft forchildren under period ____cargo extending an ext than four feet from your behind bumpercrosshatched diagonal pattern spacedoes having food in her stomach keeps alcohol from gift absorbeddrivers of huge trucks regularly traveldriving under the influence of any type of medication i beg your pardon impairs her driving is permittedelectronic highway message boards communicatehaving food in your stomach keeps alcohol from being absorbed _________. A. Easily b. Progressively c. Totally d. None of the abovehighways are commonly most slipperyif you space alone in hefty expressway website traffic at sirloin hour, use the _______ to avoid vehicles continuous entering and also exiting in her path.if you have trouble seeing other vehicles since of dust or exhilaration blowing across the roadway, you should drive slower and turn top top your:if you run off the pavement, you should:if you see brake lamp in a website traffic jam ahead, __________to warn them they will need to slow down soon by contempt tapping on her a traditional passenger automobile partial hydroplaningin this graphic, vehicle b should yield to automobile is a very windy day. You space driving and also a dust storm blowslarge trucks transforming onto a street v two lanes in each directionlarge trucks transforming right top top street two lanescalifornia permit practice testmaintain a _________space margin ahead when following motorcycles, big trucks, college buses or trucks transporting flammable liquids.maintain a room margin front when adhering to motorcyclesmost medicine taken for headaches canmost medicine taken for headaches colds hay feverparking and driving safely are two different functionspartial hydroplaning have the right to start at aboutperception time is dmvschool bus red lightssmooth transition from acceleration to brakingthe road is most slippery if zero yongin law uses to vehicle drivers _________.truck drivers probably cannot see your vehicle iftruck drivers probably can"t view your automobile if ______________.two vehicles are approaching an untreated t intersectionweaving in and also out the lanes throughout heavy trafficwhat is tardy time dmvwhen share the road with a light rail vehiclewhen share the road with a trolley or irradiate rail vehicle:when you space driving on the freeway and also the auto in front of you is a huge truck, you should drive:you deserve to increase visibility in thick fog by utilizing youryou might drive across a sidewalk toyou watch a pedestrian through a white cane at the corner ready to overcome the street. The human takes a step ago and pulls in his cane. Girlfriend should:you want to happen a bicyclist riding top top the best edge of her lanecalifornia motorists edwhen you adjust lanes or unify with an additional lane youwhen you decision to execute a maneuverwhich braking method provides a smooth transitionwhich the the following is true of large trucks transforming right top top a street v two lanes in every direction?which that the complying with will aid sober increase an intoxicated personyou space driving 45 mph in a 55 mph zoneyou are required to wear your safety and security belt in a moving vehicleyou are compelled to wear your safety and security belt in a relocating vehicle:you have the right to be fined as much as 1000 and also jailed