A number that can be expressed in the type p/q where p and also q space integers and q is no equal to zero is a rational number.

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For example, $frac23, frac45, frac236, 8$.

Note: any number separated by zero is undefined yet not infinity.


Irrational Numbers:

A number the can’t be expressed in the type p/q where p and q space integers and q is not equal come zero is an irrational number.

For example, $sqrt3, sqrt7, π$.

 Note: The worth of Pi(Ï€) is not exactly equal come $frac227$. We usage it because that calculation purposes. Therefore, Ï€ is an irrational number.


Real Numbers:

Rational numbers and irrational numbers with each other are called real numbers.

For example, $ frac34, π, 5$

All the rational numbers are actual numbers however all real numbers are not reasonable numbers.


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