Some figures of decided in chapter among Animal Farm encompass hyperbole, metaphor, imagery, archaic language, alliteration, and also allusion.

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In make the efforts to inspire the pets to plan for rebellion and also overthrowing human rule, Old significant uses hyperbole or exaggeration to define the plight of the animals. He claims they:

are required to work-related to the last atom of ours strength; and the an extremely instant the our usefulness has come...

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In do the efforts to inspire the animals to setup for rebellion and also overthrowing human being rule, Old major uses hyperbole or exaggeration to describe the plight that the animals. He states they:

are compelled to occupational to the last atom of our strength; and the an extremely instant the our usefulness has pertained to an finish we room slaughtered v hideous cruelty.

Adjectives choose "hideous" exaggeration the rhetoric.

He offers hyperbole, too, as soon as he asks if the soil of England is too negative to provide comfortably for the animals, answering with:

No, comrades, a thousand times no!

Orwell"s narrator supplies a an allegory or comparison as soon as he defines Farmer Jones"s lantern irradiate as:

dancing from side to side.

The irradiate isn"t yes, really dancing, but the an allegory emphasizes that Jones is for this reason drunk he can"t go steadily.

As the metaphor above suggests, Orwell provides imagery to aid characterize the various animals. Because that example, the narrator states that

Mollie, the foolish, pretty white mare who drew Mr. Jones"s trap, came mincing daintily in, chewing in ~ a bump of sugar. She took a ar near the front and also began flirting her white mane, hoping to attract attention come the red ribbons it was plaited with.

This isn"t just literal description, such together you can find in a clinical paper: that is all expected to tell united state something around Mollie"s vain and pleasure-loving character.

Old significant uses descriptive imagery to tug in ~ the heartstrings the his audience and also build pathos or emotion, once he says:

As because that the dogs, once they prosper old and toothless, Jones ties a brick round their necks and also drowns lock in the nearest pond.

Old major uses both a cliché when he states "crystal clear" and alliterative "c" sounds once he says:

Is it not crystal clear, then, comrades.

The rousing track the pets sing at the end of their conference is filled with figures of speech. These encompass repetition, finish rhyme in currently B and D, antiquated words such together "hearken" and also "tidings" that allude to Christmas carols about the bear of Christ, and also the metaphor "golden" to liken the future come both a priceless metal and sun-filled days:

Beasts of England, beasts the Ireland, / Beasts of every land and clime, / Hearken to my joyful tidings / that the golden future time.

To find some examples of numbers of speech in chapter one, have a closer look in ~ Old Major’s speech. Among the figures of decided used below is hyperbole, or gun exaggeration. This is an example:

No pet in England knows the definition of pleasure or recreation after the is a year old.

Of course, Old major is exaggerating here. The truth is the all animals feel happiness and also have leisure time in England. The reason that Old significant exaggerates is the he wants to offer a dramatic result to his speech. He desires the pets to think that their instance is so bleak that a rebellion is the only solution to your problem. Hyperbole, therefore, features as a persuasive technique.

We likewise find an instance of irony in Old Major’s speech, in the following lines:

And also the miserable stays we lead room not enabled to with their organic span. Because that myself I carry out not grumble, for i am one of the lucky ones. Ns am twelve year old and also have had over 4 hundred children. Together is the herbal life the a pig.

On the one hand, Old major says that no animal is allowed to live a long, natural life. However, in the next sentence, he admits to gift 12 years old and living a “natural life.” This is ironic due to the fact that it is no what the reader expects Old major to say. If he is talking about living a brief life, then we would intend him to use a supporting instance in the following sentence, not an example which contradicts his point. For the reader, this example of irony creates interest and also curiosity because we wonder why Old major would deliberately contrast our expectations with what he actually says.

In his speech to the animals in thing 1, Old significant uses vivid imagery to gain his suggest across. In one particularly notable passage, he paints a lurid photo of what wake up to the farm pets once they"ve outlived your usefulness:

he an extremely instant that our usefulness has pertained to an end we are slaughtered v hideous cruelty.

This photo brings residence to the pets just exactly how badly they"re exploited by Mr. Jones and also why it"s imperative that they litter off your shackles and rise up versus the hated human being oppressor.

Old major also provides a figure of speech dubbed parallelism, which involves the repetition of words and also phrases to drive residence a particularly important point. Old significant understands that if girlfriend repeat miscellaneous in a speech, it"s much much more likely to stick in your audience"s memory.

To the end, then, Old significant employs parallelism on a number of occasions in his speech, such as in the adhering to striking passage, whereby he offers a litany of every the points that pets can do however that male cannot:

He go not give milk, he does no lay eggs, he is too weak to traction the plough, he cannot run fast sufficient to capture rabbits.

By belittling man"s capability in this way, Old significant is do the efforts to obtain his audience to come to be less fearful of humans. He wants to inspire the pets with a sense of their natural superiority, come realize the they"re so much far better than castle think they are and so have actually earned the ideal to take regulate of their very own destinies.

A number of decided is a word or phrase that way something different than that immediate, literal meaning meaning. Instances of numbers of speech include metaphors, similes, personification, hyperbole, puns, and others.

Animal Farm is chock-full that interesting and important numbers of speech. Thing one contains wealth of figures of speech. Personification and metaphor are two common—but an extremely important—types of numbers of decided that deserve to be uncovered in chapter one.

Personification is a figure of speech in which a nonhuman thing is offered human characteristics. An instance of personification occurs really early in thing one of Animal Farm:

With the ring that light native his lantern dancing from side to side.

A ring of light is not human and it does no literally obtain up and also dance. Therefore, portraying the ring that light together being able come mimic the human act of dancing makes this statement an example of personification.

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metaphor is a figure of speech which implicitly to compare two things that space not directly related. 

The life the an pet is misery and also slavery: the is the plain truth. 

Considering the animals on the farm space not literal meaning slaves, this explain is a metaphor. The animals" grueling everyday labor and also their resulting unhappiness do their stays easily comparable to slavery.