The fish might be Dr. Seuss"s take it on Spot, the dog in the Dick and Jane series that Seuss is difficult with The Cat in the Hat.

Think around it. In ~ first, we space presented v what looks like "normal" kids in a "normal" home—but rather of a Spot, these children have a talk fish.

Maybe there really is no regular in Seussville.

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Something"s Fishy

Along with fears of Communist invasion, the 1950s was a time of repression. Kites in the house, juggling books, Communism—those to be all large no-nos.

A clear foil to the Cat, who"s all around YES, the fish embodies that no-no spirit. Luigi Menand suggests that the fish is "a tin-pot Puritan, and the residential sphere in i beg your pardon he served as resides superego proved, ~ above closer examination, to be sites the exclusion and oppression" (source). Well, that"s one way of see it.

But then we gain distracted (as usual). The fish is pink. Isn"t pink the color of Communist sympathizers? and also doesn"t he live in a red house, with a bunch of red ingredient in it? Hmmm. Probably the fish doth protest too much. Can he be protecting himself in the instance of a summons before The residence Un-American activities Committee. Or might we be analysis too much into this? What perform you think?

Loyal servant in the Mother"s Army

The fish is the children"s self-appointed conscience and guardian in their mother"s absence. Call him a issue wart, speak to him grumpy, call him what you will—it won"t sway him. That is totally devoted to holding down the ft while mom is away. The doesn"t want a Sixteen Candles situation on his hands.

How does he try to keep order? through talking. A lot. Usually he"s saying things prefer "You need to NOT it is in here/ as soon as our mommy is not" (127-128) and "No! No!" (177) and "No! not in the house!" (196). You acquire the idea.

This tiny fish voices all the comes to that readers—adults and also kids alike—might have around the shenanigans taking place. He"s completely anti-Cat, that is completely reckless in comparison to the fish"s excessive carefulness. But in the end, their objectives line up: clean up the house before Mother it s okay home. Or else.

Power Play

Even despite the fish deserve to talk, he"s still type of powerless. That can"t make the Cat and also the Things acquire out—he"s simply too little. Once things get really hairy and also Mother is in sight, he has to force the boy right into action, saying, "So, do something! Fast! <…> girlfriend will have actually to get rid of/ point One and Thing Two!" (234-241). He can talk the talk, yet he just can"t walk the walk.

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How does this stack as much as The Lorax, wherein the whole allude is that pets can"t talk and also need others to speak for them in bespeak to defend them? The fish is an ext powerful than those non-talking creatures just through the power of language—a power we recognize Seuss loved.