folder is to record as envelope is to

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folder is to file as envelope is to

folder is to file as envelope is to

A file tends come be placed within a folder, thus we need to uncover a term because that something the is put within an envelope. Due to the fact that a letter
tends to be inserted within an envelope, the exactly answer is letter.


A folder, also called a directory, is a an are used to save files, other folders, and shortcuts top top a computer. A an excellent analogy is the manila folders seen in one office come store records or reports.

Why space folders important?

Folders help you store your documents organized and separate. If you had actually no folders on her computer, her documents.

programs, and operating system papers would every be situated in the same place.

Folders also allow you to have much more than one paper with the same paper name.

For instance, you deserve to have a file called Resume.doc in her My Documents folder.

and another paper called Resume.doc in a different folder called Resume templates.

If every your papers were in a solitary place, every file would require a unique paper name.

What can be stored in a folder?

A folder deserve to contain one or more files of any form .

(documents, pictures, videos, etc.) and can even store other folders. Castle may additionally contain shortcuts to programs.

Where space my folders?

Folders are many often found on your hard drive.

To see the available folders ~ above a computer, you’ll desire to usage a file manager. Below are instances of document managers that have the right to be offered in every of the operating systems.

Microsoft home windows users usage Windows Explorer.

Apple macOS users use Finder.

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Chrome OS offers My Files.

The record managers enable you come browse all of the files and also folders on her computer. If you’re still having actually trouble detect a folder, you’ll want to find for the folder. Because that further assist with finding folders on a computer, see: just how to uncover a record on a computer.

How perform I open up a folder on my computer?

Once found, a folder have the right to be opened up by double-clicking the folder. If done successfully, a perform of the folder’s components are shown on the screen. If you perform not have permission to check out the folder’s contents or that is no accessible, you’ll get an error.

Should I conserve my files into a folder?

Yes, for better file management, it’s a good idea to save your documents in a folder. For example, it’s a great idea to keep your various files separated so the they are discovered easier.

By default, Microsoft windows creates beginning areas like records to save your documents and also text files and Pictures to keep your pictures.

However, if you have hundreds that the same type of document (e.g., pictures), it’s a an excellent idea to develop subfolders in the main folder.

For example, in your pictures folder, you have the right to have a subfolder for various people, families, or events.

How room files added to a folder?

A document could be added to a folder in any kind of of the complying with ways.

When conserving a file, you choose the folder together the location of wherein it should be saved.

A record is duplicated or reduced (moved) from one more location and pasted into the folder.

A program and also its associated files are set up into the folder.

A program is collection to usage the folder to save its temporary files as they’re gift used.

Malware or virus has infected the computer and copied documents into the folder.

folder is to record as envelope is to

How room files various than a folder?

A folder is an area top top the computer containing other folders and also files and helps keep the computer organized.

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Files deserve to be contained within a folder and contain details used by the operating device or various other programs ~ above the computer. View our file page for further information top top files.

How have the right to I unify or incorporate folders?

To incorporate the contents of one folder into one more folder, follow the complying with steps.

Open one of the folder you want to combine.

Select every files and also folders contained in the folder.

Cut every highlighted files and also folders.

Open the other folder you want to integrate those files into and also then paste every little thing into the folder.

Does a folder have actually an extension?

No. A folder go not have an extension like a file.

What includes a folder ~ above a computer?

A folder top top a computer system can be contained on a drive, diskette, disc, and may also be consisted of in an additional folder.

What form of drives deserve to store a folder?

As lengthy as you have permission, any type of drive can contain a folder, consisting of the tough drive, speed drive, and a mapped network drive.

What is a internet folder?

A web folder is a folder or online ar that stores papers on the internet or in the cloud.

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folder is to record as envelope is to

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