Of Mice and also Men’s catastrophic conclusion is greatly foreshadowed native the very beginning of the novella. This foreshadowing emphasizes exactly how George and Lennie’s sad fate is unavoidable, and additionally contributes to the novella’s broader argument that the lives of working-class world are cruelly restricted by your circumstances.

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The crushing of Curley’s hand

Curley’s first appearance in Of Mice and also Men foreshadows that he will pick a fight v Lennie in i m sorry Lennie will crush his hand. When he beginning the ranch-hand bunkhouse, Curley instantly intimidates and sizes Lennie up. Curley attract a glove to store his hand soft, foreshadowing exactly how his hand will certainly not stay intact approximately Lennie, who has a background of coincidentally crushing soft things (like the dead mice). George advises that “this Curley punk is gonna gain hurt if that messes roughly with Lennie,” commenting on the disparity in between Curley’s little frame and also Lennie’s substantial body. This instance of foreshadowing reveals the the antagonism in between Curley and also Lennie comprises their connection from the beginning. Because Curley is the boss’s son, the strength dynamic suggests that aggression and also cruelty are how employers relate to your workers, and also workers—who room helpless and vulnerable favor Lennie—cannot it is in blamed for exhilaration out when frightened.

The fatality of Curley’s wife

From the beginning of the novella, Steinbeck foreshadows the Lennie will accidentally kill Curley’s mam while trying come stroke she hair. In the very first section, George scolds Lennie for petting mice until they die. George likewise mentions that they obtained chased out of their last town because Lennie “wanted come feel that girl’s dress” and stroked the soft fabric, providing the impression that he raped her. Later, Lennie accidentally kills his puppy while petting it. In enhancement to producing the feeling that Lennie’s fate is inevitable, these instances that foreshadowing prepare the reader to understand Lennie’s innocence. By the time he death Curley’s wife, the reader knows that Lennie loves come pet soft things and that he tends to accidentally death the points he pets. As a result, the leader does not suspect the Lennie is capable of intentional murder.

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The fatality of Lennie

George’s shooting of Lennie is foreshadowed transparent Of Mice and also Men. In section 2, Slim—who is consistently presented together a humane, reliable character—introduces the idea that any type of creature as well weak to endure in a hard world must be killed. That drowns 4 of his dog’s pups due to the fact that “she couldn’t feed the many.” indigenous the beginning, Lennie is depicted as an in similar way weak and also incapable. In ar 3, Carlson and also Slim pressure Candy to let them shoot his dog, which has actually grown old and weak. Once Carlson death the dog, liquid confides come George the he desire he’d excellent it himself instead of letting Carlson execute it. This comment foreshadows George’s decision to shoot Lennie himself, together he is Lennie’s the next companion. Lennie’s death at George’s hand is a heartbreaking minute for George and for the reader. The conclusion’s heavy foreshadowing argues that heart pain is the inescapable consequence of trying to keep a lasting friendship in the isolating civilization of the migrant worker.

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