To construct suspense in the story, Poe often employs foreshadowing. Forexample, as soon as Fortunato says, “I shall not die that a cough,” Montresorreplies, “True,” since he knows the Fortunato will in truth diefrom dehydration and starvation in the crypt. Montresor’s descriptionof his family’s coat of arms additionally foreshadows future events. Theshield functions a human being foot crushing a tenacious serpent. In thisimage, the foot represents Montresor and also the serpent representsFortunato. Return Fortunato has hurt Montresor v biting insults,Montresor will ultimately crush him. The conversation around Masonsalso foreshadows Fortunato’s demise. Fortunato obstacles Montresor’sclaim that he is a member that the Masonic order, and Montresor repliesinsidiously with a intuitive pun. When he declares that he is a “mason”by mirroring his trowel, he means that that is a literal meaning stonemason—thatis, that he constructs points out that stones and mortar, namely Fortunato’sgrave.

The last moments of conversation in between Montresor andFortunato heighten the horror and suggest the Fortunato ultimately—andironically—achieves some type of upper hand end Montresor. Fortunato’splea, “For the love of God, Montresor!” has actually provoked lot criticalcontroversy. Some movie critics suggest that Montresor has at last broughtFortunato come the pit the desperation and despair, shown by hisinvocation that a God that has long left him behind. Various other critics,however, argue that Fortunato eventually mocks the “love the God,”thereby use the same irony that Montresor has effectivelyused to attract him come the crypts. These are Fortunato’s final words,and the weird desperation the Montresor demonstrates in responsesuggests the he needs Fortunato more than he desires to admit. Onlywhen he double screams “Fortunato!” loudly, with no response, doesMontresor case to have actually a noble heart. The reasons for Fortunato’ssilence are unclear, however perhaps his willing refusal to answer Montresoris a form of strange win in otherwise dire circumstances.

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