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Items appraised and also authenticated by two experts in numismaticsRefund the the stimulate if a recognized authority casts doubt upon the authenticity the the itemCertificate of authenticity signed and dated at her requestchrischona2015.org’s authorization native the main grading associations and also societiesPhoto the the genuine item – what you view is what you getOptional grading is accessible after including the coin to her cartAll collectibles valued at an ext than €500 include totally free grading

International authorizations

We space members that the significant international numismatics organizations

American Numismatic culture (ANS n°11680)American Numismatic association (ANA n°3175551)Asian Numismatic culture (ANS)International bank Note culture (IBNS n°11418)Paper Money Guaranty (PMG n°3721)Professional Coin Grading organization (PCGS n°1048758)Numismatic Guaranty corporation (NGC n°3721)Official reseller Monnaie de Paris

Deliveries and returns

All the information worrying delivery of her order

Delivery alternatives and costs

Conditions for totally free shipping:

Abroad: €10 if the order is In France: cost-free shipping together of €150

Other case:

By typical mail (no signature required): 3 €By registered letter (signature forced upon delivery): 6 €

Delivery times

We do every little thing in our strength to ship your order as quickly as possible, ensuring the greatest security at all times. This shipments are associated with special administrative measures together a an outcome of the money or the destination, for example.

In the bulk of cases, her order is transport within two to 5 working days once the payment has been verified.

Please note that 100% of the posts included in our directory are in share and easily accessible for instant processing.


Each order is 100% insured till it reaches you. In addition to move insurance, every our shipping are also covered through a plan with a private insurance company committed in numismatics. As soon as her payment has actually been verified, friend will get an e-mail include a tracking link and all the information regarding the delivery.


You are free to change your mind and also return your order in ~ 30 days.

Following inspection of the coin, girlfriend will receive a full refund for your purchase.

Items need to be changed in a secured manner, in the original problem with the initial packaging in which they to be delivered, and by a suitable carrier providing a tracking number.

If you’re not 100% satisfied, you can ask for a complete refund.


Payment methods

We expropriate the adhering to payment methods:

PaypalCredit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Carte Bleue)Virement bancaireCheckPaypal credit for the united States, the unified Kingdom, and also Australia

Payment options

Pay in installments: 3-month payment plans are obtainable for every purchases over €1,000. This company is provided cost-free of charge. Please call us to discover out more.


All transactions on the website are protected and your payment information is encrypted in a secured environment.

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Your order will certainly be sent discreetly in neutral packaging, 100% insured, and with tracking.