Sixx on D’Errico: ""I heard she to be doing high-end call girl work,"

"Hey honey just how much for full service?"

Well, this ain’t gonna go over to good. According to a post on MSNBC that looks as if thought the Sixx vs. D’Errico divorce and settlement is getting ugly!

LOS ANGELES – In a hearing to determine exactly how to divide assets in the divorce of Nikki Sixx and also Donna D’Errico, the Motley Crue bassist testified Thursday that he was told his previous model-actress mam previously operated as a prostitute and also a stripper, and that she was a spendthrift. "I heard she was doing high-end speak to girl work," Sixx said. "I to be freaking out. Her head starts to spin. We have a son together."

D’Errico, Playboy Playmate the the Month September 1995 and a former "Baywatch" cast member, married Sixx ~ above Dec. 23, 1996. Follow to Sixx, they first met on a blind date arranged through Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, that was once married to another "Baywatch" star, Pamela Anderson. D’Errico, 39, filed for divorce in Los Angeles exceptional Court in April 2006 and also the marital relationship was officially end in June.

Sixx, 48, to be testifying because that the 2nd straight job in what D’Errico’s lawyer, G. Darrell Berglund, claimed is a non-jury trial worrying financial issues and also property division. He claimed he additionally is seeking to i found it assets allegedly concealed by Sixx and also to defend his client from what he referred to as "character assassination."

Asked outside the courtroom around Sixx’s statements, Berglund said, "We room amused by the comments." He claimed D’Errico is a religious woman whose entire life centers about her children.

Sixx — pull on in a coat, tie, jeans and tennis shoes — testified a madam said him around D’Errico when the tape was touring last fall with Aerosmith. Sixx said that when he inquiry the madam for proof, she gave him names and other information that led him to think she was telling the truth. One of the names to be of a guy who he knew to it is in a ras Vegas pimp, Sixx said. Sixx likewise testified he to be stunned to find out that D’Errico operated years previously as a stripper in Texas and also Las Vegas. "I to be hurt and I remained in shock," Sixx said. "I claimed `Wait a minute, she didn’t call me that."’

Sixx’s testimony was not clear as to whether the madam told that D’Errico allegedly functioned as a prostitute prior to the marriage or after their separation. Berglund claimed he additionally was unclear on the time period. Sixx’s lawyers declined to clarification the issue.

The pair separated summary in 2001 ~ the bear of their daughter, Frankie-Jean, who is now 6, according to the net Movie Database. They reconciled ~ Sixx went through rehab.

Sixx, that penned a memoir entitled "The Heroin Diaries," practically died that a drug overdose in December 1987, which motivated the whole band to seek treatment. Sixx stated he entered rehab again in 1999 if both he and D’Errico were using cocaine and alcohol. She was able to avoid on her own, yet resumed making use of cocaine after their daughter was born to regulate her weight, he said. Sixx testified the he walk yet an additional stint in rehab in 2001, when he to be treated for 28 days. He stated he has actually been clean and also sober for much more than six years.

Berglund maintains Motley Crue was on a bottom spiral prior to Sixx married D’Errico. The popular of "Baywatch," and also the association through Anderson and also Lee, assisted revitalize the band and also bring much more income come Sixx and D’Errico, Berglund said. "She had actually a greater value pan base in ~ first," Berglund said. Sixx conceded the tape was on a downturn at the time of the marriage. However, he stated D’Errico ignored his warnings to reduced the couple’s costs when Motley Crue’s profits were down. "I told her we had actually to sluggish our security down, in ~ which point Donna increased her spending," Sixx testified. One instance was D’Errico’s decision to spend $15,000 on a playground for Frankie-Jean, Sixx testified. He said he ultimately gave increase trying to readjust her safety ways. "I think at some suggest during the marital relationship I simply learned to cave in v Donna as the route of the very least resistance," Sixx testified.

D’Errico and Sixx have already cleared up custody issues concerning Frankie- Jean. D’Errico also has a 14-year-old kid from an earlier relationship.

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Sixx has actually three youngsters with ex-wife Brandi Brandt. D’Errico additionally had functions in "Austin strength in Goldmember" and "Kiss the Bride."