A radio display called Free Beer and also Hot Wings had a contest between the hosts to see who could run a 40 garden dash the quickest. The hold who came in LAST ar agreed to have their car wrapped in any means that the other hosts observed fit.

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The “loser”‘s name is Hot Wings, and because the his loss, he had his brand-new Chevy Colorado van wrapped in Ford logos and JUGGALO signage! They even went so far as to photoshop Violent J’s challenge paint ~ above his picture, put huge Hatchetman logos on every side, and also “Juggalo racing Team” top top the bed that the truck.

Now of food Juggalos were the butt of an additional joke, yet it seemed to be all in an excellent fun. Inspect out the unveiling come the host, in addition to a quick video showing the wrap ensuing below:

Vehicle wrap Install:

Truck Unveiling:

You deserve to tune into their present or uncover one of your 26 affiliate stations at FreeBeerandHotWings.com!

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Comment posted on Friday, march 24th, 2017 08:04 pm GMT -5 at 8:04 pm

This display comes in a local radio station and I listen to it every morning on the means to work. I’ve heard them cite juggalos before, and also they seemed to it is in poking fun however it all seemed good natured and not actual hate. Castle really space hilarious and producer Joe and his weekly “Joe stunts” provided to have me laughin the end loud in mine truck

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