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Kay Otter from Barstow, CaI constantly thought it was also a vulgar word. Choose it mine head the was the because roughly here once we to speak "a 4 letter word", it means someone claimed s--t, c--t, f--k, crap, any varied 4 letter curse word. Type of a paper definition clue thing. Not sure that is just my area or an actual thing, thing... So I simply thought I would certainly chip in. "Friend? F--k." Is how it kind of went under in my head. LolTexacan indigenous Ft WorthI constantly thought the 4 letter they to be referring to was "over", since "end is the only part of words that i heard call me morbid or absurd..."Lew indigenous Scottsdale Friend as a 4 letter native is “over”. I thought about that because that months.Emiliano native ArgentinaThe four letter native is F--K.Sander from BeAgreed with Tom. If she tells him she desires to it is in friends, that feels choose an insult, it means she wants to end the relationship, and also merely do the efforts to make it sound less harsh.Hollym native TxWhat I see hear actually renders alot the sense. My ex claimed it was words "f--k" yet he to be dull and also dense. "iend" makes alot more sense. The "end" part resonated, yet now I gain it. "Call me morbid or absurd"... "iend" isn"t "end" it"s "i end" and in, ns end. The thought of she wanting to simply be friends shattered his world. There"s hope there, too due to the fact that now he can build anew. ?? What execute y"all think?Chris from skies Valley, GaTom, Tim kinda has actually a point. When Joe is ideal as far as the better sense is concerned, this is Cake, and also the double entendre between the seriousness of a rest up and also the absurd "I just heard you to speak "iend"" is something they would completely do. That"s what"s awesome about Cake and specifically this song: it"s neither just a comedy no one a tragedy yet both at once. If you pay attention to the line "to me, coming from you, girlfriend is a 4 letter word. / (i)end is the only component of the word that i heard" is purposefully vague. Leaving the choice that the song deserve to be about a sad break up or a absurd miscommunication. The heat "call me morbid or absurd" references the duality: "morbid" introduce to the tragedy the a rest up and "absurd" introduce to the "iend" confusion.Jackie indigenous Blacksburg, VaI would not go so much as there will certainly be no relationship. It"s about the line heard in life "Let"s simply be friends." What she claims / means is one thing, yet he hears is simply "end" as it usually way the end. I have had actually relationships that carry out remain friends though, for this reason it"s not always.Tom native Florence, ScTim, you have no clue. "iend"? Really?What they"re speak is that the word "friend" is a 4 letter word. In various other words, it"s a dirty word. The wordplay is then that "end" (the last three letters that the word) is the only part of words "friend" that he hears when she utters the word. The partnership is over, it is in ~ its finish ... There will be no friendship.see an ext comments
my Ding-a-LingChuck Berry

Chuck Berry"s only #1 hit to be "My Ding-a-Ling," a new song about a boy and also his... You know.

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Mary, Did girlfriend Know?Pentatonix

The text for "Mary, Did girlfriend Know?" were composed by Christian singer and also comedian mark Lowry, ~ his pastor asked him to compose a Christmas music for your church. Southerly gospel musician girlfriend Greene later included music come his words.

sharp Dressed ManZZ peak

ZZ Top"s "Sharp pull on Man" was the an initial video the was a sequel. It picked up the storyline of their "Gimme All her Lovin"" video about a man who encounters 3 beautiful women.

London CallingThe Clash

"London Calling" by The Clash was written amid widespread fears the the Thames river was going to flood the city.

Bust A MoveYoung MC

Young MC mirrors up in the George Clooney movie up In The waiting performing his hit "Bust A Move."

try AgainAaliyah

Until December 5, 1998, a song had to it is in issued as a single to make the warm 100. Aaliyah"s "Try Again" was the first tune to height the chart based on airplay alone, without any kind of sales numbers being included.

Michael Glabicki of Rusted RootSongwriter Interviews

Michael speak the story of "Send Me On mine Way," and explains why few of the native in the track don"t have a literal meaning meaning.

Cheerleaders In Music VideosSong creating

It started with a bouncy MTV classic. Nirvana and also MCR made them scary, then Gwen, Avril and Madonna placed on the pom poms.

well known Singers" very first FilmsSong composing

A look in ~ the good (Diana Ross, Eminem), the negative (Madonna, Bob Dylan) and also the strange (David Bowie, Michael Jackson) movie debuts of superstar singers.

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Vanessa CarltonSongwriter Interviews

The "A thousand Miles" singer top top what she think of her tune being provided in White Chicks and how she captured a tune from a dream.

Curt Kirkwood that Meat PuppetsSongwriter Interviews

The (Meat)puppetmaster takes us v songs prefer "Lake of Fire" and "Backwater," and also talks about performing through Kurt cobain on MTV Unplugged.