Your vehicle may have actually a fuel pump shut-off switch. This switch turns off the pump that sends gasoline from the fuel tank come the engine. It’s designed to activate during specific situations, together as throughout an accident. If did you do it been associated in a collision and the engine will turn over yet not start, possibilities are great that the switch has been triggered. Here’s what to do:

3.5-Liter Engine:

Locate the switch under the gloves box ~ above the passenger side.

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Turn the off.

Make sure there room no fuel leaks.

Push the reset switch on the switch.

After a brief wait, rotate the switch ago on.

Check for fuel leaks again.

Crank the engine.

2.5-Liter Engine and 3.0-Liter Engine:

Turn the ignition off.

Turn the ignition top top again.

Crank the car.


If the automobile doesn’t restart the first time, repeat the steps and crank the engine again.

fuel pumps
fuel system
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