After reviewing this gun, though, I deserve to confidently say the this wait gun will take you come the next, or should I speak supersonic level!


Chrony tests offer us the following results:

PelletVelocity (FPS)FPE
PBA platinum (manufacturer)1,250
Lead pellets (manufacturer)1,000
4.7 grains PBA1,25016
5.4 grains1,00017.6
Squirrels, starling, opossum, raccoon, other varmints>15

Lastly, with heavy-duty power and supersonic velocity, this gun have the right to shoot up to 100 yards.

Most customers have actually no difficulty getting close shooting groups up come 40 yards or taking care of varmints in 40 yards or less.

Some even can shoot one apple in ~ a street of 60 yards.

Distance in yards:Total distance