"Go call Aunt Rhody" is a an extremely well-known old song that is uncovered in a lot of of beginning musician books.  Why?

An important song for beginners

This song doesn"t stray much with that melody notes, continuing to be inside the reach of the 5 fingers (for piano), or the most basic beginner notes, for other instruments.

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Be certain to point out the "C" and also "G" symbols over the melody lines... I prefer to inspect that my student remembers the function of the chord symbols by questioning them, "What"s this for?" or "What go this C mean?"

Concerning text for modern children?

What about these sad lyrics that cite the dead goose? 

Well, some kids won"t even really notice, yet you could comfort those that seem concerned about the goose by informing them that the feathers and down to be traditionally (and also to this day) very prized because that pillows and comforters!  so that when a goose passed away of old age, that still could be a component of the family, in a way.

Even much easier - a few lettered notes


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A nice 2-hand arrangement

Here is a piano setup for advancing beginners, with moving left hand notes that do not follow a pattern: the hardest sort of left hand because that young students, ns think!

But the harmony is pretty:


Part of the Suzuki violin repertoire

Beginning violin students pat this tune - through ear! - but note-reading students who come from another instrument, and another method, will discover sheet music because that the track handy:


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If you are both a pianist and a violinist, you will notification that the melody is streamlined for violin in the second line, preventing a movement of a 3rd for start fiddle players...

An easy-to-read approach

In the violin sheet music below, the cable name and also finger number for each transforming note is stated over the notes:


The web links for the piano music:

Download go Tell Aunt Rhody straightforward lead sheet

Download easy piano setup with part letters in the music notes

Download two-handed piano plan for progressing beginners

The links for the violin paper music:

Download walk Tell Aunt Rhody because that beginner violin

Download the easy-to-read setting for beginner violin

More 5-finger songs at chrischona2015.org:

Cat Came ago (easiest version) - with fun-to-sing lyrics, countless verses!

Erie Canal - part I has only 5 notes, yet is a satisfying development to this song