Goku need to win there is no overwhelming problems. Adult Gohan together a SSJ2 to be no enhance for Broly, however he to be at least able to gain his licks in and actually inflict damages on the guy. A SSJ2 could not perform that to a SSJ3.

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Broly take away a beating while wait for the ssj3 revolution to take it its toll every the while gaining power. Broly crushes Goku as soon as Goku can"t maintain the form. The LSSJ has actually no limit even with the muscle he loser no speed.


I"ve seen that all son ogong lovers claims that goku stomps broly. But this is a mismatch.

Broly stomps the again and again it rotates he recognize that he never deserve to kill the completely. One vs one goku has actually no chance.

Broly is stronger than ssj3 Goku.

He"s the just one that rapes the Z battle aircraft without any scratch.

And they never killed him just beat him, but with power combined.

Here"s the reason why Broly is stronger than a ssj3 Goku.

After he obtain the beat of son ogong to the location where King vegeta had actually hurt him v the knive, Broly wasn"t dead. After ~ the assault the wound openend again and also he couldn"t move. After that he survived the destruction of the earth Who was hit through the meteroit. And also then broly survived years in room and his power didn"t raised at the time.

In the Manga : broly 2nd coming.

He had the exact same power choose in His an initial confrontations through the Z fighters.

But in the Manga ( not ANIME collection ) Ssj2 gohan, ssj goten, ssj Goku and ssj vegeta were needen too defeat him, but just since trunks blast fight his wound indigenous King vegeta again he had actually lost the regulate of his very own attack.

So currently the reason : After that turned Lssj Goku claimed in The other civilization on king Kaios planet : " Ah...! IT"S BROLY! "

He sensed Broly however he remained in other human being om King kais planet and dead so just how he could?

Simple : Broly has at least the power of one ssj3.

Ssj3 Goku had so lot power the his Ki could be sensed native Kaioshins world.

And thats a various other world.

King Kai said that ssj3 Gokus strength is sufficient to it is in sensed all over from thr universe. And that at the very least the strength of one ssj3 is needen to be sensed from one more world

Super boo sensed can be fried Gohan frm earth. Yet ultimate gohan was om kaioshins world. U. GOHAN is more powerful than ssj3 Goku

Broly to be on earth, son ogong death and in various other world but he can sense him. So Broly have to he at the very least as solid as an ssj3 Goku

His Ki is so lot that he has unlimitrd and also his power increases with every second.

This proves why broly constrain the Z team every time.

They deserve to just win if castle combines your power too one attack.

One vs one No one deserve to defeat him.

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I"m no a Broly fanboy ns kust recognize anythink around Dbz since The Dbz charakters room often presented weaker in the series then in the manga.