There is absolutely no shortage of happy charms, however while us hope those trinkets ward off poor luck, it absolutely helps to hear that or wish it on someone else from time to time.

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All languages and also cultures have actually their very own expressions, beliefs, rituals and also charms to lure luck. The Spanish culture is no different!

In fact, mine abuela (grandmother) thought no hay mal que por bien no venga(there is no poor that go not lug good).

This typical Spanish expression about luck and also misfortune was actually among the first Spanish expressions I ever learned!

If I dropped down and scraped mine knee or to reduce my key of plantains top top the floor, it to be seemingly okay since apparently bad luck constantly brings something great with it—at least according to mine Spanish grandmother.

She never ever let a possibility slip by to repeat me that luck influenced every element of my life.

This is just a glimpse of howmuy importante (very important) lucky is in the Spanish culture!

But let’s confront it—everyone wants an excellent luck, great fortune and success. And also we all desire to check out those us care around have those points too, right?

Wishing someone luck is a gesture of support that is regularly expressed wholeheartedly. Expressing this kindness and hope can also assist to garner closer relationship or develop an prompt rapport.

There is an ext than one method to say “good luck!” in Spanish, though.

So, let’s inspect out some luck-worthy situations and learn their ideal luck wishing expressions!

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Spanish Beliefs about Luck

What is thought about a special good luck charm or also a authorize of good luck to come in one Spanish-speaking country might be no huge deal in another.

By taking a closer look at some Spanish beliefs around luck—and the charm that aid in happen on this phenomenon—you will get a glimpse of some intriguing Spanish customs, which will certainly only connect you deeper to the language and also culture.

In Mexico, good lucky charms are often referred to as milagros (miracles) and come in the form of small religious charms. The charms, i beg your pardon are often made of metal, can be affixed to a location or just carried or worn by the one that is trying to find an upswing in their fate.

They are believed to enhance fortune, heal and also keep angry at bay. Milagros are not used only in Mexico, however. Part Latin American countries, as well as some areas in the unified States, adhere to the id thatmilagroscarry great power.

Wishing someone an excellent luck in Spain have the right to be an amazing exchange. The isnot unexplained to wish or have someone wish onto you,mucha mierda,which translates to “lots the crap.” This expression is indistinguishable to the English phrase, “break a leg.”

In Spain, wearing red underwear is believed to bring great luck in finding a mate. Part say it applies only on new Year’s Eve, yet others feel it works year-round. I actually heard about this practice in a lingerie shop in Madrid—and lock did have actually quite a lover assortment of red lingerie because that sale in that shop!

Originating in the Almeria province of Spain, Indalo Man is a number who to represent luck and also hope. That was first discovered drawn on a cave wall—a item of old art from thousands of years ago—and this day is a widely-recognized happy symbol!

Wherever friend are, lucky and an excellent fortune are component of the day-to-day in most Spanish-speaking locations. From religious medallions to vivid undergarments, luck is part of the culture.

Learning part expressions to acknowledge or great someone luck room certainly great additions to your growingSpanish vocabulary.


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And that knows, by wishing rather luck and great fortune, you might, in turn, entice your very own luck and also become one afortunado (lucky person).

How to Say “Good Luck!” in Spanish

¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)

This is the basic expression for wishing who luck. That is a generic phrase that covers just around everything.

If you room leaving a shop and about to go out into the rain, the shopkeeper might say, “¡Buena suerte!” and also tell girlfriend to try and walk between the raindrops.

Going ~ above a first date?

¡Buena suerte!

Buying a supplied car?

¡Buena suerte!

You have the right to pretty lot wish who luck top top anything!

¡Buena suerte con tu nueva casa! (Good luck with your brand-new home!)

¡Buena suerte con tu nuevo novio! (Good luck v your brand-new boyfriend!)

¡Buena suerte en tu nuevo trabajo! (Good luck on your new job!)

¡Buena suerte en tu inside wall día de trabajo! (Good happy on your an initial day the work!)

La mejor de las suertes. (The finest of luck.)

This is likewise a pretty conventional expression, and one the you could hear countless times during the food of a week when you space in a Spanish-speaking country.

Que tengas buena suerte. (May you have an excellent luck.)

This building and construction is a bit more formal. The is beneficial in less casual situations, choose with someone you simply met because that the first time or in a organization setting.

Que tengas mucha suerte. (May you have actually a the majority of luck.)

Telling who to have actually a most luck is favor wishing them wealth of good fortune!

¡Cruzaré los dedos por ti! (Fingers crossed for you!)

Crossing her fingers for someone (or even yourself) expresses hope and the wish because that something to happen in a favorable way. This expression is widely provided in the English language, as well.

¡Adelante! (Forward!)

When someone is attempting a brand-new venture, task or even just pushing on v a an overwhelming time, this brief yet encouraging expression expresses warmth wishes because that a effective outcome.

Que dare salga bien. (I hope it walk well.)

This is another expression that applies to instances where someone has actually undertaken an task that walk not automatically come with assured success.

¡Qué suerte! (What luck!)

You might hear this once someone appears exceptionally fortunate.

Did a neighborhood narrowly miss out on being hit by a bus?

¡Qué suerte!

Did the opposing football team score just prior to the final buzzer to win the game?

¡Qué suerte!

¡Te deseo lo mejor del mundo! (I wish you the best of this world!)

This is a really enthusiastic expression of luck and also well wishing. As soon as used in between family members or nearby friends, it can be a very heartfelt and sincere wish.

¡Éxito! (Wish girlfriend success!)

Less typically used than several of the other expressions, this concise expression of an excellent wishes is valuable to know. The rolls turn off the tongue effortlessly and also is an excellent with a hand tide as you room taking her leave.

¡Dale duro! (Hit the hard!)

Thinking of heading to the beautiful nation of Puerto Rico? Then, friend will most likely hear this regional idiom the not only wishes someone good luck but encourages castle to carry out their very best!

Wishing well and an excellent luck in Spanish is a kind and also positive method to attach with other Spanish-speakers. These an easy phrases are likewise easy to use in so numerous commonplace and everyday scenarios.

Next time the possibility arises, try out one of these good luck expressions and also make someone’s day!

Good luck!

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