The subject of this write-up is a peculiar association that Maxwell house with Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. Mental the Maxwell house slogan, Good come the last Drop? of course, you do, who might forget? Well, that is often claimed that Teddy Roosevelt, in 1907, coined the slogan after the coffee was served to him at the Hermitage, a famed Nashville resort that was originally Andrew Jackson’s home.

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Theodore Roosevelt, while president of the united States, and also touring the South, do a protect against at Nashville, Tennessee, wherein he was, that course, obtained with glad acclaim. He to be then offered with Maxwell residence coffee. Taking a second cup, and also drinking the all, he good humoredly and also in his characteristic style exclaimed, “Good come the last drop.”

The speak stuck. The was undoubtedly too good to pass. The slogan was adopted, “Good to the critical drop,” appropriate on the spot. It has actually been heralded practically around the world. Maxwell residence coffee is supplied far and wide, and also those who when enjoy a cup readily and also heartily agree with Theodore Roosevelt—”Good come the critical drop.”

Teddy Roosevelt at residence in the garden. Probably waiting for a cup that Maxwell House.

The Maxwell house Hotel to be a significant hotel in downtown Nashville at which seven US Presidents and other influential guests stayed. It was constructed by Colonel man Overton Jr. And named because that his wife, Harriet Maxwell Overton. The architect was Isaiah Rogers.

The Maxwell home Hotel – Construction started 1859, finished 1869, demolished 1961

Former Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest to be inducted into the Ku Klux Klan in this hotel in 1866. The an initial national meeting of the KKK took ar at the hotel in April 1867. That later came to be the namesake the Maxwell house coffee. It to be demolished in 1961.

Construction began in 1859 using slave labor. The outbreak that war caused a suspension of building on the hotel. During the American civil War, the unfinished building was provided by the occupying Union military after 1862 together a barracks, prison, and also hospital. In September 1863, number of Confederate prisoners were killed when a staircase collapsed.

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Tennessee an excellent Old Days

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