Financial audit teaches an essential accounting concepts and principles to illuminate financial statements and unlock crucial insights into company performance and potential. Check out how managers, wall surface Street analysts, and entrepreneurs leverage accounting to drive strategic decision-making.

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find how balance sheets, earnings statements, and also cash circulation statements are developed and how each communicate evaluate the financial health and wellness of a company using gaue won statements recognize GAAP and also IFRS criter Prepare and evaluate jae won forecasts to do strategic decisions value a venture, project, or invest opportunity and also perform a sensitivity evaluation
about the Professor

V.G. Narayanan is the cutting board D. Casserly, Jr. Professor of Business administration at Harvard organization School and also chair that the MBA program’s second-year elective curriculum. He has served as the food head because that the first-year required accountancy course for MBA students, jae won Reporting and also Control, and also chairs several executive education programs. His research study in management audit focuses on understanding how firms can use incentives and also feedback to boost performance.


College college student andRecent Graduates

Learn the language of business through accountancy as you gain the skills and knowledge to analyze financial statements.


Those Considering an MBA

Prepare for the MBA classroom v the routine Harvard business School supplies to incoming students.


Mid-Career professionals

Gain to trust in your ability to understand financial statements and communicate jae won results.

regime Structure

Financial accountancy consists of around 60 hrs of material ceded over an eight-week period. You can finish the coursework top top your own time when meeting continuous deadlines.

This food is also component of our three-course Credential that Readiness (CORe) program—consisting of company Analytics, economics for Managers, and also Financial Accounting—available for $2,250.

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Note: Participants that enroll in the Financial audit course space not eligible come enroll in the main point program. And if enrolling in the core program, participants room not eligible come enroll individually in the Financial bookkeeping course.


Financial accounting will teach girlfriend the fundamentals the financial accountancy from the soil up. You will learn exactly how to prepare a balance sheet, earnings statement, and cash flow statement, analyze financial statements, and calculate and also interpret vital ratios. Girlfriend will likewise learn the function of managerial judgment in choosing audit estimates and also methods. The course concludes v an development to forecasting and valuation.

New cases: beginning with the October 2021 wave, Financial accountancy includes two brand-new cases: Mahindra Finance in Module 4 and also Estee Lauder in Module 7. The Mahindra Finance situation covers credit hazard management, and also the Estee Lauder case introduces lease accounting and the influence of recent transforms in lease accounting standards. Professor Narayanan discusses the new material in this video.

Learning requirements: In bespeak to earn a Certificate of Completion, participants need to thoughtfully finish all 7 modules, including satisfactory perfect of associated quizzes, by proclaimed deadlines.

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Modules situation Studies Takeaways vital Exercises Module 1: The audit Equation Module 2: recording Transactions Module 3: gaue won Statements Module 4: Adjusting newspaper Entries Module 5: The explain of Cash flows Module 6: evaluating Financial statements Module 7: bookkeeping for the Future
Cardullo"s Gourmet Shoppe to apologize Inc. Bikram Yoga Natick Understand vital accounting concepts, terms, and also principles show how various transactions impact the accounting equation Quiz
Cardullo"s Gourmet Shoppe Bikram Yoga Natick know where gaue won statement information originates Record service transactions as journal entries construct a attempt balance Quiz
Hipzone environment-friendly Mountain Coffee Roasters recognize the content and purpose of the earnings statement and balance sheet See exactly how the psychological balance is supplied to produce the balance sheet and income statement build the balance sheet and also income explain Quiz
PepsiCo new Case (2021): Mahindra Finance Understand complex accounting transactions and how castle relate to bookkeeping principles Appreciate how to recognize, mitigate, and also manage credit dangers Recognize the influence of judgment and bias on gaue won statements and audit practices Record advanced business transactions as newspaper entries Quiz
Morgan Stanley American Red cross Understand how to construct and interpret the cash circulation statement acknowledge the differences in between GAAP and also IFRS criter for cash circulation statement production usage the declare of cash flows to advice the jae won health and also life-cycle phase of a service Quiz
Morgan Stanley Evaluate company performance utilizing profitability, efficiency, leverage, and other ratios analysis ratios and also use the DuPont frame to advice the financial state and strategy of a business Team discussion Quiz
Metropolis health care American Red Cross new Case (2021): Estée Lauder use financial forecasting come predict future revenue, expenses, and also cash flow Understand crucial concepts and also metrics in valuation, consisting of time value of money, terminal value, net current value, interior rate the return, and payback duration Learn exactly how companies account because that leases—as a future obligation—and evaluate the influence of alters in lease bookkeeping standards Learn how to worth a venture, project, or investment possibility Optional: exercise preparing pro-forma jae won statements, calculating and also forecasting cost-free cash flows, and also performing a sensitivity analysis in Excel Quiz

World-class faculty Edge-of-your-seat digital learning worldwide peer collaboration and also networking Real-world, case-based discovering

Harvard organization School uses a unique and also highly engaging means to learn an important business concepts. Immerse you yourself in real difficulties faced by organization leaders across a variety of industries. Financial accountancy puts girlfriend in the shoes of an equity study analyst, yoga studio owner, and leader of among the biggest nonprofits in the unified States. You will do it wrestle with the same problems they faced, if problem-solving and also interacting with other learners from roughly the world.

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Play participants share their experiences video

Stories from our Learners

A couple of weeks right into the course, accountancy terminology came alive together I establish why accounting is the language of business. I can now speak confidently through clients and understand the business facet of your problems.
Daily, I use the audit principles succinctly enumerated by Professor Narayanan. I particularly use what i learned in the volunteer work-related that I carry out as a board member for two nonprofit organizations.

Sign as much as receive extr information around this course. Find out what other learners are doing through the an abilities they gained, and evaluate if this food is the appropriate fit for you.

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Our simple applications is free, and also no one-of-a-kind documentation is required. All applicants need to be at least 18 years of age, experienced in English, and also committed to learning and engaging with other participants transparent the course. We confirm enrollment eligibility within one week of your application.