Learning Spanish is no all around learning grammar rules. You also need to have the ability to maintain usual and simple interactions with people such together saying have a good day in Spanish. Most Spanish learner stick to one phrase when they can be making use of multiple expressions.

So what are various ways come say ‘have a good day’ in Spanish? These are several of the most common phrases the Spanish speakers usage to wish someone a good day:

¡Que tengas un buen día!Lindo día / Bonito día¡Que car vaya bien!¡Que tengas un bonito día!Buen día

Saying ‘have a an excellent day’ in Spanish is not just polite but likewise these small interactions will assist you construct confidence in practicing Spanish in real-life situations.

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For that reason, in this list, you’ll find 5 famous ways come say have a an excellent day in Spanish.

We’ll also administer the contexts and also examples the the ideal ways to usage these expressions. By the end of this post, you’ll have actually a couple of more beneficial expressions to ‘say have a great day’ in Spanish