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I have searched Google for a while, mostly finding the ninth gen public or earlier Accord spec. Anyone recognize the talk specs for rear wheel bearing assembly ~ above a ninth gen Accord?My ideal rear started droning / failed in ~ 58k
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I don"t have the precise number, yet i think it"s approximately 135lbs. The bearing is covered under 60k miles warranty. Ns hope you can gain the dealer to deal with your bearing issue.

72 ft-lbs: as the brake caliper.
I don"t have actually the specific number, but i think it"s about 135lbs. The bearing is extended under 60k mile warranty. I hope girlfriend can obtain the dealer to resolve your bearing issue.
Only the front wheel bearings room covered under the 5yr/60,000mi drivetrain warranty, as it is a prior wheeldrive vehicle.Big Thanks!!!!
"The road to hell is paved with great intentions"2013 EX-L I4 CVT (sold)2012 Ridgeline RTL2018 Tesla M3

Only the front wheel bearings are covered under the 5yr/60,000mi drivetrain warranty, together it is a front wheeldrive vehicle.Big Thanks!!!!
BTW, I acquired them to carry out the behind under the 5/60 warranty, at the moment I to be at 37 months and 22K miles though. Currently I"m the end of warranty and also the various other side (rear) is starting to get noisy. I"ve never done this myself, however I have actually done rotors - looks like it"s not much more work. Is over there a particular brand I should buy? I"m thinking the honda persons (considering the price) are not the finest value because both have actually failed with less than 45K miles on them.

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