L>The wonderful Wizard that Oz: 17. Just how the Balloon was LaunchedPrevious chapter: 16. The Magic arts of the good Humbug17. How the Balloon to be LaunchedFor 3 days Dorothy heard nothing indigenous Oz. These to be saddays because that the tiny girl, although her friends were all quitehappy and contented. The Scarecrow told them there to be wonderfulthoughts in his head; yet he would not speak what they were becausehe knew no one could understand them however himself. As soon as the TinWoodman walked about he felt his love rattling about in hisbreast; and also he said Dorothy the had uncovered it to be a kinderand more tender heart 보다 the one he had actually owned when he was madeof flesh. The Lion asserted he to be afraid of naught on earth,and would certainly gladly confront an military or a dozen of the fierce Kalidahs.Thus every of the little party was satisfied except Dorothy,who longed more than ever to get ago to Kansas.On the fourth day, come her great joy, Oz sent out for her, and whenshe gotten in the Throne Room he greeted she pleasantly:"Sit down, mine dear; ns think ns have discovered the method to gain youout of this country.""And ago to Kansas?" she asked eagerly."Well, I"m no sure around Kansas," claimed Oz, "for i haven"t thefaintest id which method it lies. However the an initial thing to carry out is tocross the desert, and then it should be straightforward to uncover your means home.""How deserve to I cross the desert?" she inquired."Well, I"ll tell girlfriend what ns think," claimed the little man."You see, when I involved this nation it was in a balloon. Friend alsocame v the air, being brought by a cyclone. So i believethe best method to get throughout the desert will be with the air.Now, it is quite beyond my strength to do a cyclone; however I"ve beenthinking the matter over, and also I believe I deserve to make a balloon.""How?" request Dorothy."A balloon," said Oz, "is do of silk, i m sorry is coated withglue to keep the gas in it. I have actually plenty of silk in the Palace,so it will be no problem to make the balloon. Yet in all thiscountry there is no gas to fill the balloon with, to make it float.""If that won"t float," remarked Dorothy, "it will certainly be of no use to us.""True," answer Oz. "But there is another method to make itfloat, i beg your pardon is to fill it with hot air. Warm air isn"t as good asgas, for if the waiting should gain cold the balloon would come down inthe desert, and also we must be lost.""We!" exclaimed the girl. "Are friend going through me?""Yes, of course," replied Oz. "I am exhausted of being together a humbug.If I need to go the end of this royal residence my human being would soon uncover I to be nota Wizard, and also then they would certainly be vexed through me for having deceived them.So I have to stay shut up in this rooms every day, and also it it s okay tiresome.I"d lot rather go ago to Kansas with you and also be in a circus again.""I shall it is in glad to have your company," stated Dorothy."Thank you," he answered. "Now, if you will assist me bland thesilk together, we will start to job-related on our balloon."So Dorothy take it a needle and thread, and also as fast as Oz reduced thestrips that silk into suitable shape the girl sewed them neatly together.First there was a piece of light green silk, climate a piece of dark greenand climate a strip of emerald green; for Oz had actually a fancy to do the balloonin different shades of the color about them. It took 3 days to sewall the strips together, but when it to be finished they had a huge bag ofgreen silk an ext than twenty feet long.Then Oz painted the on the inside with a cloak of slim glue, come makeit airtight, after ~ which the announced that the balloon was ready."But we must have actually a basket to ride in," that said. So he sentthe soldier through the green whiskers because that a large clothes basket,which he fastened with numerous ropes come the bottom of the balloon.When it was every ready, Oz sent out word come his civilization that he wasgoing to do a visit come a great brother magician who stayed in the clouds.The news spread promptly throughout the city and everyone involved see thewonderful sight.Oz bespeak the balloon carried out in front of the Palace,and the people gazed upon the with lot curiosity. The believe Woodmanhad chopped a big pile of wood, and also now that made a fire of it,and Oz organized the bottom that the balloon end the fire so that thehot air that arose from it would certainly be captured in the silken bag.Gradually the balloon swelled out and also rose into the air, untilfinally the basket just touched the ground.Then Oz got into the basket and said to every the world in big voice:"I am currently going far to do a visit. While ns am unable to do theScarecrow will preeminence over you. I command you to obey him as youwould me."The balloon was by now tugging tough at the rope thatheld it come the ground, because that the air in ~ it to be hot, and thismade the so lot lighter in weight 보다 the air without that itpulled tough to rise right into the sky."Come, Dorothy!" cry the Wizard. "Hurry up, or the balloonwill fly away.""I can"t uncover Toto anywhere," replied Dorothy, who did notwish to leaving her little dog behind. Toto had run into the crowdto bark at a kitten, and also Dorothy in ~ last uncovered him. She pickedhim up and ran in the direction of the balloon.She to be within a couple of steps the it, and also Oz to be holding out hishands to help her right into the basket, when, crack! went the ropes,and the balloon rose right into the air without her."Come back!" she screamed. "I want to go, too!""I can"t come back, mine dear," referred to as Oz native the basket."Good-bye!""Good-bye!" shouted everyone, and also all eyes were rotate upwardto whereby the Wizard was riding in the basket, rising every momentfarther and also farther into the sky.And the was the last any kind of of them ever saw that Oz, theWonderful Wizard, despite he may have reached Omaha safely,and be there now, because that all we know. However the people rememberedhim lovingly, and also said to one another:"Oz was always our friend.

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When he was right here he constructed for usthis beautiful Emerald City, and also now he is unable to do he has actually left theWise Scarecrow to rule over us."Still, for numerous days lock grieved end the ns of theWonderful Wizard, and also would not be comforted.Next chapter: 18. Far to the South