Whether youre simply dreaming of her perfect mansion or you’re all set to develop it, houses over 5,000 square feet give you plenty of space to do so.

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One of the finest parts around 5000 square foot home plans is that there is no typical layout or style for them. If you would like to build a tradition home, girlfriend truly carry out have cost-free range end every solitary artistic detail.

Sometimes residences in this size are contemporary and chic. Periodically they come v a more tropical vibe. And also finally, a classic cottage isn’t out of reach either.

Whatever you desire – you can have it.




Depending on her tastes, girlfriend might select to build aModern layout home prefer this5165 sq. Ft., 5 bedroom, 5.5 bath beauty (top,Plan 116-1106), a tropical-like Meditteranean style house favor this6175-sq.-ft. 6-bedroom, 7.5-bath house (center,Plan #107-1002),or also a luxury home with aCountry head vibe similar to this 6690-sq.-ft. 5-bedroom, 5-bath estate(bottom,Plan #165-1077).

Top 6 functions of dwellings over 5,000 Square Feet

Most houses that are at the very least 5,000 square feet have actually a few standard features. For various other ideas, review this write-up to get concepts for rooms and/or functions you could want to add to your wish list.

1. Large Kitchens and also Entertaining Spaces

The kitchen is the lifeblood that the home. So residences this size tend to have nice, big kitchens – sometimes also with an ext industrial appliances favor six-or-more-burner advertisement cooktops, multiple ovens, oversize refrigerators, and two dishwashers have to the homeowner prefer these options.

They additionally have large, open up kitchen breakfast nooks and also formal dining rooms – so over there is always plenty of room for anyone at the table – and also family rooms, often with fireplaces, as component of a great Room open floor plan.



Top: This kitchen in a 5638-sq.-ft.,4-bedroom,4.5-bath home, with its double ovens, extra-widerefrigerator, and big cooktop with vent hood, is a an excellent example of one entertaining-oriented "heart the the home" (Plan #198-1073). Bottom: simply imagine hosting a party in this 2-story life room in a 6780-sq.-ft., 5-bedroom, 6.5-bath Mediterranean format home(Plan #175-1073).The grand living room is open up to the dining room (backgroundat right) and also kitchen and also family room (out that view beyond the fireplace in foreground) for straightforward trafficflow as soon as entertaining guests.

2. Multiple grasp Suites

While most homes over 5,000 square feet monitor the “split bedroom layout” arrangement (meaning that the master bedroom is separated native the other bedrooms by either whole story or at the very least living space), they also tend to have more than one understand suite.

However, this second master suite might be in a much less ideal place of the home and is usually meant for making guests more comfortable with an ext amenities or hosting family members (like parental or in-laws) for much longer periods that time.




This 7100-sq.-ft., 6-bedroom, 7.5-bath high-end Spanish style home (top,Plan #107-1085) has a big "VIP" suite top top rightside the the main floor (center) and a enormous master suite that takes up the entire left next of the top level (bottom).

3. High and/or Vaulted Ceilings

It’s quite usual for mansion and manor type homes to have ceilings at least 9 feet – and also often 10, 12, or an ext feet – high. Greater ceilings do the interior seem much more voluminous and also complement the bigger room scale that typical in these homes.

Vaulted ceilings that might soar two stories or so are likewise often conventional features. This ceilings might be in a good Room (the most common place for a 2-story ceiling), a grasp suite, or also a kitchen or screened-in or extended porch.


Imagine hosting a holiday party or family gathering in this vaulted great Room that a6863-sq.-ft., 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom, 2-half-bath high-end Rustic style home through Craftsman-like detailing (Plan #161-1040).

4. 3-or-More-Car Garage

The 5000 sq ft residence plans you’ll search usually have a garage the accommodates more than two cars. Why? Those in the industry for a big luxury home may be able to afford an ext than 2 cars (his, hers, and also one or 2 for fun?). Or the residence may it is in intended to house a large, grown-up family in i m sorry multiple family members have cars and would like to sanctuary them. Or the owners may just want extra garage space to be able to have a workshop or practically storage for bulky items various other than cars.


With its large front courtyard, this 5841-sq.-ft. Mediterranean seaside style house with4 bedroomsand4.5 bathsaccommodates a 3-car garage, i beg your pardon is common for this size home (Plan #175-1064). However, plenty of homes 5000+ sq. Ft. In dimension have also larger garages the will organize 4,5, or more cars.

5. Outdoor life Space

Large homes practically invariably have actually expansive or multiple outdoor living spaces like

• spanned porches

• screened and/or sun rooms

• patios

• grilling decks

• sun decks

These “outdoor rooms” may be fitted with outdoor furniture, area rugs, fire pits, and/or rock or brick fireplaces.


The skys the limit once entertaining guest on this extended patio room that wraps about theswimming swimming pool of an outstanding Mediterranean style home (Plan #107-1073).

6. Media and Game/Recreation Areas

It’s not inexplicable in 5000 sq ft home to uncover square footage devoted to all species of recreation and also pastimes, including

• billiards/pool

• in-home theater and also other media

• board games

• card playing

• sports on TV

• video games of all descriptions

• sports courts

• also indoor swim pools

Some that these areas may even encompass a integrated bar or wet bar as part of the ambiance.



Top:This recreation room in a 5638-sq.-ft.luxury homewith a rustic head vibe go the extra mile through its bar, pool table, and also lounging area with additional bar-like seating (Plan#198-1073). Bottom:Amedia room or home theater choose this one in a 5023-sq.-ft. Shingle layout home with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 2 fifty percent baths may be just the ticket for family members entertainment (Plan #161-1038).

What to Like

Having a home this big can it is in a real treat.

Here room the things that most homeowners tend to enjoy about building and living in dwellings that space at least 5,000 square feet:

Space for a Gowing – or prolonged – Family


Photo byAlexander DummeronUnsplash

The main reason that anyone would want to construct a residence this dimension (or larger!) is the rather evident one – space! over there is plenty of it in a 5000 square feet house.

Whether you have a huge family, reap hosting others, or simply want an ext privacy in her day-to-day life, the bigger your home, the much more space you have accessible to usage for whatever you would like.

Homes this size also do well on bigger lots, ideally at the very least a couple of acres, which only adds to the allure that privacy the they offer.

Event Hosting


Photo byAranxa EsteveonUnsplash

Another exceptional perk of having a residence over 5,000 sq ft is that you deserve to host too many of occasions in her home. So, larger dwellings like this space perfect for those who enjoy entertaining.

Yes, family Thanksgiving and other vacation dinners are currently a breeze, as you have actually plenty the cooking and also entertaining spaces, and guest bedrooms. Yet it’s additionally important to take into consideration other much more corporate-like possibilities.

It’s feasible to organize the winter gala for your favorite charity, cutting down on the prices of renting a space, or even a household wedding, offering it a more intimate appeal.


Another perfect reason to pick to build a house that’s end 5,000 sq ft is the capacity to customize a house that fits your needs perfectly.

With this lot square footage to beat with, you have the right to really tweak things so that they are simply right. This can mean adding two understand suites (perhaps putting one upstairs together a “mother in regulation suite”), including extensive dining room for a bigger family, or large, walk-in pantries.


When asked, this is usually a homeowner’s favorite part of building a larger home. Yes, you deserve to customize a common home’s standard functions to suit your requirements when structure a 5,000 square foot home, yet you can also start to add the “fun stuff.”

Whether that’s a enormous library with beautiful built-ins, a movie theater or media room through reclining seats, an indoor swim pool, or simply much more guest rooms, you can have your choose of the points that issue to friend when structure this big.

What not to Like

Of course, over there are always cons as well.

Here space the main things that homeowners of residences 5,000 square feet of bigger tend to not enjoy about their homes:


Maintenance is among the main issues with a 500-square-foot house. This is due to the fact that it’s almost impossible to save up with whatever that needs to be done all alone.

It’s likely that with a home this big, the lawn demands to be retained up by a lawn crew and the internal maintained through a cleaning employee (at least part time) – and also it’s also likely that there will be a hoard the other family support employee coming and also going: au pairs, tutors, chefs, dog walkers, etc.

While those who can afford to build a residence this size deserve to often additionally budget because that these expenses, it’s also important to save in mind that in bespeak to operation a home like this effectively, it can sometimes take a little army.

In fact, as soon as your square footage soars phibìc of 5,000 square feet, part homeowners even uncover it vital to rental a home manager to ensure everything remains safe and in shape.


A family who own a home like this 9104-sq.-ft. Tuscan/Mediterranean format house with 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and 3 half baths will most likely (and deserve to afford to) rental out elements – if not all – the its maintenance/upkeep requirements, consisting of gardening/landscaping, lawn maintenance, and annual or semi-annual widnow washing and also exterior strength washing, no to point out interior home cleaning/keeping (Plan #180-1043).


The very reason that so countless people pick to develop a big luxury home can become compromised through its size, however. This is because, as we’ve mentioned, a usual homeowner will require the aid of at least a few other human being to properly maintain his or she home.

So, it’s possible that girlfriend won’t ever get to important feel like you have the residence to you yourself amidst every the buzz surrounding its everyday upkeep.


Homes that are larger than 5,000 square feet have an ext than simply your common front door and earlier door. There are multiple entrances to your home, and as us mentioned, a constant stream of human being coming and going throughout the day.

This could raise security concerns, particularly if you space not careful. Numerous homeowners select to have not only an alarm system yet also vital cards or particular alarm codes for each household member so that the owners have the right to keep monitor of who is whereby throughout the day.


Wi-Fi. It renders the people go around, and also in a 5,000 square foot house, there could not be sufficient signal to walk around.

All this way is that as soon as you obtain north of 5,000 square feet, you can need to begin thinking of your residence as an ext of a small campus and also less of a residential space.

Often, homes that space this size have multiple routers –or even much more than one Wi-Fi mechanism – come ensure the coverage is the fastest the it deserve to be throughout the entire home. Because that privacy purposes, houses this size or larger may have actually separate Wi-Fi networks for staff and also residents together well.

So that’s a most wiring and quite a couple of routers for simply one home!

Resale value

Another trouble that homeowners with residences over 5,000 square feet might run right into is the potential for a low resale value.

Yes, the size of the residence and all of its attributes make it quite the catch and extremely desirable; however, one must know that the sector pool for such large houses is simply naturally smaller 보다 a an ext average-size home.

In addition, these homes, specifically if practice built, space often built with the particular needs of the homeowners in mind. So another buyer can not have the ability to truly come in and also imagine us or their family living in the space – i beg your pardon is a an essential part of making a successful sale.

So, if you setup on building a huge home, you might consider that this is your house for life. It might be a perfect fit because that you and also your family, yet should you decide to market it, you can have a harder time than you could think.

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Whoever chooses to build a residence like this 8,628-sq.-ft. Europe manor or chateau-style house that has 7 bedrooms and also 7.5+ bathrooms –with its stone siding and also impressive rooflines – need to be prepared for an extended sell period (Plan #106-1325). The style and size that the home – no to point out the probable budget – will appeal to only pick buyers.