If you"ve gotten in an egg-drop contest, there space basically two tactics you deserve to use to assist that egg endure a fall. The first is come cushion the impact, and the 2nd is to reduce the rate of the fall. If you gain to choose your very own egg, you can soften it through vinegar to help it absorb the impact. That will help, but by itself, that won"t avoid the egg from breaking.

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Enclosing the egg in other that can absorb the force of impact can defend the egg native a fall. You"ll need something the is highly compressible because that this. Water won"t do the trick, nor will certainly soft solids favor peanut butter or sugar, or any incompressible fluid or powder. A gas is compressible, though, and air is a gas, for this reason anything that includes a lot of air should work. Possibilities incorporate balloons, popcorn, packing peanuts, wads of document or grain puffs. Encase the egg in any kind of of these within a paper or plastic bag, a sock or a stocking. If girlfriend have any bubble wrap about the house, pack the egg in several layers of bubble wrap have to also carry out a an excellent cushion.

Slowing the egg"s loss is an essential for maintaining the egg in one piece, yet slowing does no take the location of protecting. Parachutes, for example, make things fall much more slowly, but if you"ve ever seen a parachutist land, you"ll understand that the influence can still be jarring – jarring enough to rest an egg. This means that, if you create a parachute because that the egg, friend still need to defend the egg. You have the right to also shot tying several balloons to her egg prior to dropping it instead of structure a parachute; they must slow the egg"s descent. Aerodynamic rotors, such together those top top a propeller beanie, can additionally work. The weight of the egg actually provides the rotors spin much faster to slow its fall. If you make the rotors just the best size, the egg may autumn slowly sufficient to survive, also without added protection.

The egg is virtually sure to endure if girlfriend cushion it as necessary and sluggish its fall sufficient at the very same time. It"s feasible to perform this in plenty of ways, and it may take some imagination to find the best means based on your resources. Part competitions border the products you deserve to use, and it also takes imagination to work within those requirements.

Container Air-filled cushioning product Several balloons fabric or parchment document Rotor string Duct tape 14-gauge cable
uncover a suitable container, such together a plastic food container, a stocking, a plastic zip-lock bag or a padded envelope. Fill the container with packing peanuts, popcorn, cereal puffs or some other product that contains lots that air. Don"t forget to leave room for the egg. Ar the egg inside, ensuring it"s surrounded by the cushioning material, and close the container.

numerous medium-size balloons. A makeshift parachute do from lightweight cloth or parchment paper. The rotor native a helicopter beanie.

You deserve to tie every little thing it is you use to the container or affix it through duct tape. If you decide to usage a rotor, it"s ideal to connect it through 14-gauge wire. Pass the wire v the facility of the rotor and also bend it earlier on chin to store the rotor secure if still permitting it come spin. Tape the other finish of the cable to your container.

an eggshell includes calcium carbonate, i m sorry is hard yet brittle. Follow to Juan Silva, a food science professor at the university of Mississippi, vinegar disappear the calcium carbonate and makes the shell much less breakable. By the way, soaking an egg overnight in vinegar can not only aid it endure a fall, yet it additionally makes an egg less complicated to peel ~ boiling it.

Experiment with alternative materials by padding the egg in styrofoam cups, nylon stockings, liquids or various other soft substances.
always use fist on rooftops and at elevated heights. Test the egg drop experiment v a human being you trust in instance of emergency.

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