Introduction: The prestige of “divine intervention” in Greek mythologyWhy Athena made decision to overview Odysseus and also his sonAthena conserving Odysseus native death and also helping his plansHow Athena changes Odysseus’ looks and also surrounding to assist himConclusion: Athena as the necessary female character in the epic

A acquainted theme in plenty of Greek classics is magnificent intervention. In the good epics of this time period, the gods would certainly play one immense duty in the lives and fates that mortals. In The Odyssey, composed by Homer, Athena specifically favors Odysseus, an excellent kind the Ithaka, and also his family. Throughout Odysseus’ struggles and times of need, the goddess acts like a guardian angel and takes vital and irreplaceable component in the story. Athena move the story that The Odyssey along.

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At the opening of the book, Athena begs her father Zeus to allow her to aid Odysseus, therefore he deserve to return to his family, after being trapped top top Ogygia because that a decade. Athena appeals come the god’s much better senses and plays on your sympathy because that Odysseus. She says, “My very own heart is broken for Odysseus”. Athena likewise guides Telemachus onto the course of manhood and also the find for his father. Athena says, “My advice to you is this, if you will let me recommend you. Gain the ideal ship you can find, placed twenty oarsmen aboard, go and find out about your father and also why that is so long away.

Perhaps someone might tell you, or you might hear part rumor that god will certainly send, i beg your pardon is often the best means for world to gain news. ” Athena saves Odysseus from particular death at numerous points in the story. Because that example, she conserves him native Charybdis. “Then his skin would have actually been torn off and also all his skeletal broken, if Athena had actually not put a thought right into his mind; he flung self upon a rock and also caught hold with both hands, and also clung over there groaning, until backwash rolled upon that again, and also caried him far out into the sea. Athena helps plot and plan the loss of the suitor’s in Odysseus’ house. Moreover, she disguises Odysseus once much more as a beggar to specific his revenge ~ above the suitors. “Odysseus awoke. He lay on his native soil, and knew the not, since he had been long absent. Because that Pallas Athena herself, that divine daughter the Zeus, had actually covered the location with mist, that she can tell the everything an initial and disguise him.

She wished that his wife and friends might not know him until he had punished the wooers that his mam for your outrageous violence. ” She reunites Odysseus with his wife, Penelope, who regulated to continue to be faithful even after twenty years without him. The goddess even “held the night” so that Odysseus and Penelope might have much longer to gain reacquainted. In addition, Homer says that “she hosted Dawn’s horses” Furthermore, Athena proceeds to beautify Odysseus once e is in the visibility of others. Because that example, once she help him escape indigenous Poseidon’s wrath while he is leave Ogygia, Athena help him reach the shore of Scheria. There, she uses her power to make Odysseus show up beautiful even after being on the sea for so many days. This helps Odysseus get favor through the king’s daughter, Nausicaa. Furthermore, in bespeak to defend Odysseus from the human being of Phaiakia, Athena consist of the area in a fog so that Odysseus can pass v without trouble.

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The Odyssey likewise includes countless prominent female characters that Homer provides to represent different elements of feeling or characteristics. Other authors currently preferred come exclude the visibility of great and strong women in your epics; Homer opts to make use of the goddess Athena to portray strength. In conclusion, Athena’s function is a an essential one in The Odyssey. There is no her, the good hero is sure to have actually died. The grey-eyed goddess travel guide him and also helps him achieve the greatness he to be fated too.


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