ThomasEdison was one of the most intelligent inventors of all time, but his abilitydidn’t end there. He even used his intelligent brain for his love life. Howdid Thomas Edison propose marriage to his second wife Mina Miller? Did agenius like him just simply got on one knee and said it ordinarily? We willgive you a hint: he did the most bizarre and unique proposal!

Famous Inventor Before BeingMarried

ThomasAlva Edison was an American innovator who is considered to be one of America’sdriving businesspersons and innovators. Besides a role as a husband, he wasalso an intelligent creator who contributed inventions such as the brilliantlight bulb, the phonograph, and the cine-camera, as well as developing thetelegraph and the telephone.

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Honestly,without Thomas Edison, we would never know what is a movie theatre, cassettes,or even the simplest we’re using nowadays – the light bulbs!

Anddid you know – the smartphone we are holding and calling everyone is one ofEdison’s experiments too? In 1877, Graham Bell’s work – the telephone wasmagnificently improved by Edison. He invented the telephone transmitter, whichcan transmit voices in higher volume and with greater transparency over regulartelephone lines. This invention has changed the world, as you can see how manypeople smartphones nowadays.

But can you believe this extraordinary man has deafness? At the age of twelve, Edison nearly lost all his hearing. However, he did not let his disability control him. Edison often used it as an asset, as it made an easier concentration for him to focus on his investigations and analysis.

Inthe next period of life, Edison started to step on his path of success. Around1869, Edison relocated to New York City and developed his earliest invention bydesigning an upgraded stock ticker for Gold and Stock. In the early 1870s,Edison had received prominence as a first-rate inventor. Ambitiously, he latertransformed himself from an inventor to a skillful, hard-workingbusinessperson.

Who did this formidablegenius choose to get married and have a relationship despite being so busy? Letus show you more about Edison’s life below!

Thomas Edison’s Family Life

ThomasEdison was, beyond any doubt, the most notable inventor and businessman the19th century had witnessed. But besides being a businessman, he is also ahusband, a father to his family. In 1871, Edison tied a knot with MaryStirwell – a young-sixteen-year-old girl who was a former employee.

However,you can’t predict what life is going to throw at you. After 13 years ofmarriage, Thomas Edison’s first wife died of unrevealed reasons. Some said thatafter the constant childbirth, Mary had caught depression, which sabotaged herhealth so quickly. Some believed that she developed an illness. But whateverthe reason was, everyone understood that Edison is an intelligent businessman.He would rather spend time with work than with his family.

Mary’sloss, however, didn’t stop the inventor from tying the knot once again.

Onlytwo years later, in 1886, Thomas Edison tied a knot with his second wife, atwenty-year-old girl named Mina Miller.

The Second Wife &Children

“Saw a lady who looked likeMina. Got thinking about Mina and came near being run over by a streetcar. IfMina interferes much more will have to take out an accident policy.”

Thiswas one of the love thoughts Edison wrote for Mina in his diary. Around the ageof 38, he was pursuing the beautiful, just-turned-twenty Mina Miller. Sevenmonths later, they tied the knot.

As thesecond Mrs. Edison, Mina did a great job of being a wife and a mother. However,being Mrs. Edison wasn’t easy. Being a partner of her famous hubby, Minahandled his assiduous social calendar, dinnerparties, and public relations so he could remain to do what he did best toinvent discovery technologies and industries. As a mother, she had to care forhousework, staff, maids, and eventually, Edison’s previous marriedchildren.

UnlikeMary, Mina was raised to “take charge” of these situations. Mina was bornin a wealthy family and was used to being in a spotlight. Therefore, she hasall the materials to be a loving wife, businesswoman, and a home executive forMr. Edison.

You cantell… it is not easy to be a millionaire’s wife!

How did Thomas Edison proposemarriage to his second wife Mina Miller?


Wecan’t tell whether the next marriage of this famous inventor was real love orjust a deal for profit, but an old story claimed that Edison made an unusualmarriage proposal to his love – Mina Miller.

As we all remember, Thomas Edison was deaf in one ear and difficult to hear in the other. Further, Edison’s hearing disorder precluded Mina and him from speaking in tones not easily eavesdropped by others around them. So the ingenious Edison had a brilliant idea: he trained her to learn and understand Morse code.

Onenight on a motor trip to the White Mountains, he tapped out a proposal ofmarriage on Mina’s palm, asked her “Will you marry me” in Morse code.And inevitably, she replied “Yes” in much the same way.

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Nowwe know how did Thomas Edison propose marriage to his second wife!Thomas was so playful. By tapping in Morse code, these two love birds couldsecretly communicate without any eavesdrops.

Last words For Article How did Thomas Edison propose marriage to his second wife Mina Miller?

Love is a magic world! And proposing to someone is like asking a partner to live in that magical world with you! Edison had chosen an extraordinary way to invite Mina Miller to his word, which I believed was the most memorable proposal to that lucky woman!