Test for hydraulic leaks: If the auto has hydraulic brakes, pump the brake pedal three times. Then apply firm pressure to the pedal and hold for five seconds. The pedal must not move. If the does, there might be a leak or other problem. Acquire it fixed prior to driving.

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If the automobile has air brakes, carry out the checks explained in sections 5 and also 6.

Test parking brake:Fasten safety belt.Allow vehicle to relocate forward slowly.Apply parking brake.If that doesnʼt avoid vehicle, the is faulty; obtain it fixed.Test business brake stopping action:Go around 5 mph.Push brake pedal firmly.“Pulling” come one side or the other can mean brake trouble.Any unusual brake pedal “feel” or delay stopping activity may average trouble.Test electric brakes:Set electric brake come maximum sensitivity (dial or box).Drive forward, step on brakes.Trailer brakes must engage before power unit brakes.

Important Note

If you uncover anything unsafe throughout the pre-trip inspection , gain it repaired immediately. Federal and state legislations prohibit operating an unsafe vehicle.

Trip InspectionCheck the adhering to regularly:InstrumentsAir-pressure gauge (if you have air brakes)Temperature gaugesPressure gaugesAmmeter/voltmeterMirrorsTiresCargo, cargo cover

If you see, hear, smell or feeling anything that could mean trouble, inspect it out.

After-Trip Inspection

Drivers of trucks and also truck tractors as soon as transporting cargo must check the securement of the cargo in ~ the very first 25 mile of a trip and also every 150 mile or every three hrs (whichever come first) afterward.

You may have to make a created report every day ~ above the problem of the vehicle(s) you drove. Report noþeles affecting safety and security or possibly leading to mechanical breakdown.

The car inspection report tells the engine carrier about problems that may need to be fixed. Save a copy of her report in the vehicle for at some point so the following driver will certainly be aware of any type of problems you have found.

There might be a question on checking fill securement. Make sure you memorize that loads need to be checked within the very first 25 miles and then again every 150 miles or every three hours, whichever come first.

Pre-trip Inspection:

A pre-trip investigate is a thorough inspection of the truck completed before driving for the an initial time each day.

Federal and state legislations require that drivers examine their vehicles. Federal and also state inspectors additionally may inspect your vehicles. If they judge a auto to it is in unsafe, they will placed it “out of service” till it is repaired.


Operating when Intoxicated


When checking hydraulic brakes, you should pump the pedal three times then use firm pressure and hold because that how countless seconds?

If the car has hydraulic brakes, pump the brake pedal three times. Then use firm push to the pedal and hold for 5 seconds. The pedal need to not move. If that does, there might be a leak or various other problem. Get it fixed prior to driving.

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Test business brake avoiding action:

- Go about 5 mph.- press brake pedal firmly.- "Pulling" come one side or the other deserve to mean brake trouble.- any kind of unusual brake pedal "feel" or delay stopping activity may mean trouble.